Lime Green Army Cuts Ties With Small-Medium Army Alliance

GREAT WHITE, Lime Green Army Empire In a shocking turn of events, the Lime Green Army, a notable player in the Small-Medium Army scene, pulled out of the Small-Medium Army Alliance, citing unrealistic terms and lackluster moderation.

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Back in Black: The Shadow Troops Reopen

UNKNOWN, Shadow Troops Empire – After being closed for two months, the Shadow Troops have announced their return to the army community. Continue reading

Pookie437 and Maroon Promoted to Doritos Leadership

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – After the shocking departure of leader-in-trainings Louis and Becky yesterday, the Doritos leadership have chosen to promote Maroon and Pookie437 to the position of Main Leader.

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Marines Failed Merge with Magma Fighters

MATTERHORN, Marines Base – For the second time in a week, the Marines of CP army announced a merge with an up and coming small/medium army. But this time, the merge didn’t quite work out.

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Battle of the Blues – Ice Warriors vs. Help Force

KLONDIKE, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Recently, two powerful armies took the battlefield in a competitive battle. Both armies fought well, but only one could win. Let’s take a look at how this practice battle played out! Continue reading

Marines Benefit From Bikers Army Merge

MATTERHORN, Marines Empire – At approximately 12:09 PM EDT on June 28th, Marines General Revan announced that a merge with close allies, the Bikers, would be occurring.

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