Light’s Off For Light Troops As Indefinite Closure Announced

ICE BOX, Light Troops Empire – After being revived just weeks ago, it seems that a short-lived generation of the Light Troops has come to an end. Following pressure from the leaders and the staff, the army has ceased operations as of October 4th. Continue reading

Light Troops Revival Event Sparks New Beginning

UNKNOWN, Light Troops Empire – Exactly a week after the Light Troops announced their comeback, they had their first event, successfully officiating the revival of the legendary army that is the Light Troops. Continue reading

Light Troops To Shine Again As Revival Is Announced

UPDATE: An unknown Godfather, or former leader, did not agree with Jester’s plan of the revival, thus removing the post and Jester’s permissions from the site. Although, Jester does plan on continuing with the revival, and making a completely new site.

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Light Troops’ Empire – After being shut down in May 2020, the legendary Light Troops return to shine once more in the army community. With only days before their opening event, can we see another successful generation of the Light Troops?

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“I’m just not feeling it anymore” Says Doritos Leader Jester Upon Retirement

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Doritos Empire – On August 31st, Doritos legend and ex-leader Jester released a website post announcing his imminent retirement. In said post he states,”Idk man.. just not feeling it anymore.” What led him to make this statement? Why did he choose to retire so abruptly? Continue reading

Dino Quits Doritos Leadership Following “Internal Drama”

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Doritos Empire – Leader Dino has quit his position from the Doritos Army just a week after his inauguration, citing “internal drama”. What drove Dino to this unexpected departure?

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Doritos of CP Isolates From CP Army Hub’s League

SUMMIT, Doritos of CP Capital – After a long day of battling, as well as major changes in DCP’s relations with numerous other armies, the Doritos of CP hosted a final event, or so we thought.

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Behind The Lens: Suck It! Jesters Crude Comment

ALASKA, CP Army Hub’s Headquarters – Since the time Club Penguin armies began, to Disney’s initial shutdown, to present-day, this new original column, Behind the Lens will examine past events through media such as screenshots, trophies, battle pictures, etc. What better way can this column begin by reminiscing over a rivalry that made its impact on CPA for years: Doritos vs. Ice Warriors. The wars emerging on both sides resulted in a few individuals standing out as valiant leaders, malicious activities, and famously, rage posts fired by leader rivalries. How did Jester and Andrew24’s rivalry begin, and how did it affect the tensions between their respective armies?

Disclaimer: The following post contains strong language and sexual themes.

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