Liam Dons Black Jacket Leadership Position

JACKHAMMER, Black Jackets’ Capital – After successfully invading the server Jackhammer from the Island Invaders and hitting 1000 members in their discord server, the Black Jackets recently welcomed Liam to their leadership. Liam is all set to lead the army alongside CP Army Legend and Black Jackets leader Koloway. Exactly what led up to his promotion, and how will he help the army grow?

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Black Jacket Army Revived After 13 Years Of Inactivity

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Black Jackets Empire – After 13 years of inactivity, the Black Jackets have been revived by Club Penguin army legend Koloway. What does this army have planned for the future? Continue reading

Water Vikings Enlist New Higher Command Following War Outbreak

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – Following a turbulent day filled with two war declarations, new and returning faces joined the ranks of the Water Vikings. Who are they? What is the agenda behind the sudden addition to the ranks?

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Koloway Bids Farewell To Elites Leadership

AVALANCHE, Elites Empire – The army community recently witnessed many retirements, and now another one has happened. Army legend Koloway, shocked troops as he announced his decision to retire from Elites’ leadership. Continue reading

Drama Flares As FireStar Is Couped From Elites Leadership After Serious Allegations

AVALANCHE, Elites Empire – Just 24 hours after the Elites gained three new additions to their leadership, a coup d’etat of Firestar has occurred due to a string of serious allegations.

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Elites Leadership Shakeup: Zamb, Koloway & AustinFraud Inducted

AVALANCHE, Elites Empire – After the retirement of two leaders, the Elites have announced the induction of three new leaders; Zamb, Koloway, and Austinfraud. Continue reading

CPA Legend Koloway Announces Retirement From Army of CP and Army Hub

MAMMOTH, Army of CP Empire – During a weekend heavy with retirements, the community says goodbye to yet another leader: Koloway. The Army of CP General announced his retirement in the Army of Club Penguin server earlier today.

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Koloway Inaugurated as 7th Water Viking Leader

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Former Army of CP leader and CP Army Legend, Koloway, has been inaugurated into the Water Vikings leadership.

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Uganda Be Kidding Me: Ugandan Defence Force Declare War on People’s Imperial Confederation

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Office – The Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force of Club Penguin Rewritten have been making waves in the community recently, while establishing a leadership team and already having one coup with Koloway being removed. Now, they look for an enemy, and it seems they may have found one.

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Uganda Be Kidding Me: Koloway Coup’d as 2funky3 Takes Over URDF

KLONDIKE, Orange’s Office – Huge updates have today appeared from the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force. In an attempt to protect, serve and defend the East Central country of Uganda, a group of hero’s have emerged from the dust in order to do so. With those hero’s having big ambitions, it seems that they might not be singing from the same Ugandan national anthem.

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