Roman Return: Smurf Rejoins Nova Roman Empire Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Nova Roman’s Capital – A member of the Nova Roman Empire’s national government has rejoined the leadership only a few weeks after assisting with their return. Will Smurf’s innovative ideas for the army help to push this new generation to greater heights?

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Water Ninjas Resurface With A Splash

 UNKNOWN, Water Ninjas Empire: The Water Ninjas were once a powerhouse in the Small/Medium Army category. However, after the closure of Club Penguin, they shut down, seemingly for good. After being revived by members of the Ice Warriors, they have returned to army status once again. Continue reading

Coup Crusaders Rebrand Crystal Cowboys Following Creator Condemnation

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Crystal Cowboy Empire – The Coup Crusaders, unwilling to give up on their army following a shocking creator condemnation, have rebranded as the Crystal Cowboys.

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Meerrkat Rejoins the Community: Inducted as Romans Leader

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Romans’ Empire – Following Meerrkat’s retirement from Doritos leadership last month, we saw him leave the community as a whole for personal reasons. Although today, it appears that Meerrkat has rejoined the community and has found a new army to call his own.

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Spotty Inducted Into Dark Warriors Leadership

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire – The Dark Warriors have seen an exciting change in leadership, with leader-in-training Spotty being promoted to the rank of Dark Warriors Supreme Commander. Continue reading

Templars Removed From The NDA Following CPG Defacement

YETI, New Dawn Alliance Empire – Not too long ago, the New Dawn Alliance has risen once again and has come back stronger than ever. Members of the newly resurrected alliance being the Army of Club Penguin, Doritos, Elites, Lime Green Army, and Templars. However, little over a day after, the Templars have been removed from the alliance, immediately.

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The Growth and Success of the AUSIA Community

KLONDIKE, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Over the course of the past few years, there’s been a significant growth in the number of AUSIA events and divisions within several armies, big and small.
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Jester Returns to DCP as Leader

SUMMIT, Doritos of Club Penguin Capital – An unexpected post declares the return of a DCP Legend. This well-known face returns into the leadership team as a fifth leader after being gone for several years.

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Badboy Steps Down from Doritos Leadership, Wassim Steps Up

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – Following the sudden departure of leader Badboy, former leader-in-training Wassim has stepped up to fill his shoes. 

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Teaska Inducted As SWAT Commander

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, SWAT Empire – Earlier today, June 15, the Royals of CP announced that they would be shutting down their doors in the CPA community. In a surprising turn of events, Teaska, the creator of Royals has been inaugurated as SWAT’s newest commander. To read an interview we conducted with Teaska and more information on this induction, read below!

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