Latest Wave Of Viking Leaders Announced: Superhero123 and Adden

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Water Vikings Empire – Following the recent return of Zoomey, two new faces have also rejoined the Water Vikings leadership only a week later. What exactly led to this sudden decision?

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Hanjah Returns to Templars Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – As the year comes to a close, former Templars leader Hanjah has made the decision to return to leadership. What was the reason for her return?

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Honda Drives Back Into Red Ravager Leadership

SNOWBOUND, Red Ravager’s Empire – Honda, co-creator of the Red Ravagers, has announced his return to their leadership. What are his plans for the army? Continue reading

Mare and Grace Rejoin One Direction Army Leadership

SPARKLES, One Direction Army Empire – After Mare, Grace, and Phoebe departed from the One Direction Army leadership a month ago, two-thirds of the former leaders, Mare and Grace, decided it was time to make a comeback. What led to their return?

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NotManuGinobili Rejoins Water Vikings Leadership

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – The Water Vikings witness a familiar face return to their leadership: their former Viking Commander, NotManuGinobili, nearly two months after his departure from the army. What led to his return?

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The Tsunami Strengthens: Pjayo Returns to Water Vikings Leadership

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – Pjayo, a Water Vikings Legend often called the most hardcore leader, has decided to return to leadership. Will he lead the Water Vikings to victory against SWAT in the ongoing war?

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Doritos Legends 32op and Meerkat Return Following Drop To Small-Medium

SUMMIT, Former Doritos Capital – This week, the Doritos saw a shocking fall into the S/M Top Ten Armies list. The once top army has been facing a drop in event sizes following their isolation from the league. Fortunately, the scenario is not as bleak as it may look. Yesterday, two of the Doritos legends 32op and Meerkat have returned to the leadership.

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Jester Returns to DCP as Leader

SUMMIT, Doritos of Club Penguin Capital – An unexpected post declares the return of a DCP Legend. This well-known face returns into the leadership team as a fifth leader after being gone for several years.

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