Fighter Pilots Leader Semi Steps Down, Jenn Returns to Leadership

ALPINE, Fighter Pilots Capitol This week, Semi ended his flight with the Fighter Pilots and Jenn returned to the captain’s seat. Fighter Pilots is an upcoming Small/Medium Army consistently in the S/M Top 5. As the most recognizable face of FP in CPA, Semi’s departure may leave most wondering what’s in store for the future and what Jenn and Ana’s plans for this up and coming army are. Read on to find out more! 

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Ash Promoted To Coup Crusaders Leader

WHITE HOUSE, Coup Crusaders Empire – Earlier today, the Coup Crusaders saw the promotion of their leader-in-training, Ash to a full-time commander. Continue reading

Alex and Fusion Leave Coup Crusaders Leadership, LawCorazon Promoted to Leader

WHITE HOUSE, Coup Crusaders Empire – Recently we have seen two very influential leaders in the Coup Crusaders retire from their positions as leaders. Along with these retirements, we also witnessed a promotion to leadership.

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Pookie437 and Maroon Promoted to Doritos Leadership

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – After the shocking departure of leader-in-trainings Louis and Becky yesterday, the Doritos leadership have chosen to promote Maroon and Pookie437 to the position of Main Leader.

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Total Eclipse For Sun Troops Following Multiple Leadership Changes

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Sun Troops Empire – As the weather begins to heat up for the summer, it seems as though things have also begun to heat up once again within the Sun Troops army.

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Meerkat Withdraws From Doritos Leadership; Wassim Demoted

Update: Meerrkat has spoken out on why he departed, giving CP Army Hub his exclusive statement. 

SUMMIT, Doritos’ Empire – Recently, several leadership changes have occurred within the Doritos. With Zire retiring and Jester returning to the army, this past weekend has also seen the departure of Meerrkat and demotion of Wassim.

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