A Day in the Life of a Moderator

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Moderators are a staple for almost any Discord server, and CP Army Hub is no different. When things get messy in the main chat, who are the people who swoop in to save the day? Continue reading

Know Your Army Meme: Doritos of Club Penguin

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to the latest edition of Know Your Army Meme, this time written by Associate Producer Sophie while Editor-in-Chief Scorpion Demon enjoys his much-deserved vacation. In this column, we examine the meme culture and inside jokes that frequent every army. Today, the star of our show is the Doritos. What kinds of crunchy jokes will they bring to the table? Continue reading


Romans Leader & Doritos Higher Command Leila Leaves Army Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Roman Empire – After a journey through several armies, Leila, a Roman’s leader and Doritos Leader-in-Training, has stepped away from the army community. Continue reading

Animal Kingdom Reopen Their Gates

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Animal Kingdom Empire – After their short but eventful time in the community, the Animal Kingdom closed its doors on June 7th and merged into the Golden Troops. Last night, however, they made a shocking re-appearance in CP Army Hub, with an almost brand-new HCOM and leadership team. What could have sparked such a sudden revival?

Continue reading