Mare and Grace Rejoin One Direction Army Leadership

SPARKLES, One Direction Army Empire – After Mare, Grace, and Phoebe departed from the One Direction Army leadership a month ago, two-thirds of the former leaders, Mare and Grace, decided it was time to make a comeback. What led to their return?

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Leader Life Stories: Mare, One Direction Army

SPARKLE, One Direction Army’s Capital – Although the worldwide phenomenon and heartthrob boy band One Direction is no longer together, a Club Penguin army dedicated to them still stands strong: the One Direction Army. This week we chat with one of the One Direction Army leaders, Mare, about her Club Penguin army story.

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Hold Bugs Army Drops Out Of The Community Following Sarahah’s Ice Warriors Removal

UNKNOWN, Hold Bugs Army Empire – Less than two months after creating the Hold Bugs Army, leader Sarahah has decided to shut the army down. This abrupt decision, announced on August 11th, has left the entire army community in shock. What was the reason behind this announcement?

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Marines Sent Ashore After Merging With Water Vikings

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – On August 9th, Marines General Revan announced that a merge would take place immediately between the Marines and their ally, Water Vikings.

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Battle Review: Hold Bugs Army Hold Up Against Red Ravagers

KLONDIKE, Battle Server – Hold Bugs Army and Red Ravagers, both small/medium armies, gave it their all with great tactics and formations, but let’s take a closer look at what occurred during this practice battle. Continue reading

Kingfunks4 & Buddy Retire From Water Vikings; New Leaders Promoted

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Earlier today, the Water Vikings held a retirement event for two of their legendary leaders, Kingfunks4 and Buddy. Aside from the two leaders’ departure, Water Vikings have chosen to promote two new leaders!

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Water Vikings After 10 Years: Where Are They Now?

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – On June 29th, the legendary Water Vikings celebrated the army’s 10th anniversary! The Water Vikings are one of the oldest armies who are still thriving to this day. They were able to make it to the Legends Cup finals multiple times and are included in CP Army Central’s top ten armies of all time.

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