One Last Time: Doritos Shutdown; Hold Closure Event

SUMMIT, Historic Doritos Capital – The Doritos are one of the oldest armies still around to this date, boasting many successes since their recent revival. Unfortunately, this did not prevent their shutdown, as they had their last event and ceased operation as of September 27th. What was the reason behind this surprising decision? Continue reading


The Chip Snaps: Meerkat Retires from Army Positions; Announces Doritos’ Closure

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Doritos Capital Only a month after returning to the army community as Romans and Doritos Leader, Meerrkat has returned to the wilderness once more, announcing his retirement from three major roles in various armies in the league. At the end of his interview, he announced an unexpected Doritos’ closure. What is next for the Meerrkat and the Doritos? 

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[SATIRE] Why Sarahah is the Worst CPAH Editor in Existence

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters– Something that the majority of the community might not be aware of is this: We as reporters/reporting heads have due diligence to be unbiased when it comes to our reports. But as of late, it appears that one of our reporting heads has clearly violated these terms of unbiasedness. Our very own Editor in Chief, Sarahah, has shown clear signs to being biased when it comes to us, as reporters.

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Expiration Date; The Diminishing of the Doritos

SUMMIT, Former Doritos Capital – Since their reopening in November by Doritos’ legends Mustapha10 and Alfrondo1465, the army rapidly increased and saw success in both the Club Penguin Online: Army League, and their weekly Top Ten. Unfortunately, their sizes have seen a decline since then and recently dropped to the small-medium top ten. Where did the Doritos go wrong that led to their drastic fall?

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Meerrkat Rejoins the Community: Inducted as Romans Leader

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Romans’ Empire – Following Meerrkat’s retirement from Doritos leadership last month, we saw him leave the community as a whole for personal reasons. Although today, it appears that Meerrkat has rejoined the community and has found a new army to call his own.

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Meerrkat Retires From Doritos of CP

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – Earlier today, Doritos of Club Penguin leader Meerrkat retired from his position and held his final event.

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BREAKING: Doritos Higher Command Speak Out Against Leadership, Flee To Dark Warriors

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – Members of the Doritos higher command and staff have fled to the Dark Warriors, declaring the ‘family forever’ catchphrase contradictory and calling out leader Meerrkat for being a ‘dictator’.

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Meerkat Withdraws From Doritos Leadership; Wassim Demoted

Update: Meerrkat has spoken out on why he departed, giving CP Army Hub his exclusive statement. 

SUMMIT, Doritos’ Empire – Recently, several leadership changes have occurred within the Doritos. With Zire retiring and Jester returning to the army, this past weekend has also seen the departure of Meerrkat and demotion of Wassim.

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