What If: The Community Merge Never Happened

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – “You can’t spell community without unity.” The unification of rival communities CP Army League and CP Army Media was a defining moment of this year. Weeks of effort from the top brass of both leagues resulted in the dawn of CP Army Hub. Finally, the army members had found a banner to reunite under, bringing an end to the long-standing division. What if the community merge never happened?

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Crunch Time: Royals Merge Into Doritos

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Royals Empire- It appears that the newest generation of the Royals has come to an abrupt end. As of November 1st, the Royals have announced that they will be merging with their historic allies, the newly revived Doritos of Club Penguin. What led to the Royal’s decision to merge and how will it impact other armies?

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Midnight Troops Merge Into Upcoming Army Island Invaders

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Midnight Troops Empire – Midnight Troops recently became official, but have decided to merge into an upcoming army called Island Invaders. Why did they close their doors and merge? Continue reading

Superstars Merge Into Dark Champions Midst Revival

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Superstars Empire – The Superstars had a long rest since the beginning of this month. Now, it seems that the September Drop has claimed its last victim. Continue reading

Elites Forces Shut And Merge Into Silver Empire

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Elite Forces Empire – The ‘September Drop’ has claimed another victim as the Elite Forces announce their shutdown and merge into the Silver Empire.

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Marines Sent Ashore After Merging With Water Vikings

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – On August 9th, Marines General Revan announced that a merge would take place immediately between the Marines and their ally, Water Vikings.

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Los Facheros Merge With Lime Green Army

FIESTA, Los Facheros Army Empire – On Thursday afternoon, Amelia, Los Facheros Army leader, announced their shutdown and merge with Lime Green Army due to both her and the army’s discord becoming inactive.

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Marines Failed Merge with Magma Fighters

MATTERHORN, Marines Base – For the second time in a week, the Marines of CP army announced a merge with an up and coming small/medium army. But this time, the merge didn’t quite work out.

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