Ram Em Departs From Most Wanted For Secret Service Leader

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Secret Service Empire – Since her promotion, Ram Em was slowly making a name for herself as a Most Wanted leader. Just last night, however, she stepped down to a Leader-In-Training position to join the Secret Service. What exactly happened to cause such a huge leadership shakeup? Continue reading


The Crime Syndicate Returns: Most Wanted Make a Comeback

SABERTOOTH, Most Wanted’s Capital – One of the most criminal armies of all was revived late last night following an opening event. This army was very successful in its first generation, but will the second generation show the same, if not more, success?

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Metal Warriors Return for a Reunion Practice Battle with the Lime Green Army

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media Headquarters – The first non-English speaking army, the Metal Warriors, made a dramatic comeback this week to battle the Lime Green Army. But who was declared victor in this intense encounter? Read more to find out!

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