Elites and Army of Orient Seas Withdraw From New Dawn Alliance

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – Just hours after the Army of Club Penguin withdrew their support from the New Dawn Alliance and Doritos, alliance members Elites and the Army of Orient Seas have followed suit.

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Army of CP Withdraw From New Dawn Alliance; Condemn Doritos For Attempted Troop Stealing

MAMMOTH, Army of CP Empire – History repeated itself in a twisted way as the Army of Club Penguin pulled out from the New Dawn Alliance earlier today. This deals a crippling blow to the Doritos, as they now need to defend three simultaneous invasions of their land without any major allies.

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Four Dorito Colonies Join The Army Community

Update: We can confirm the Takis are in fact a Lime Green Army colony being used for NDA efforts, while the Toasters are a Dorito “proxy army”, also being used to aid the NDA. 

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – Four new armies joined the community as colonies under the Doritos of Club Penguin. Was it inspired by the recent surge of Ice Warrior colonies and their use to claim a significant amount of servers on the new Army Hub map?

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