CPAH Podcast: Trailer

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – In CP Army Hub’s latest feature, we explore a new medium and introduce you to our weekly podcast!

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The Special Weapons and Tactics Journey To Major

SNOW SHOE, SWAT Empire – Last week, we saw some new arrivals in the Top Ten. The most notable of these was the S/M powerhouse army, Special Weapons and Tactics. How did they pull off this drastic rise? Continue reading

News Digest [July 26th – August 1st]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, News Digest Desk – Welcome to the latest edition of CP Army Hub’s Weekly News Digest, where we round up the main talking points of the last seven days! This week we’ve divided the news into the following sections: retirements/rank updates, wars and battles, army openings/closings, and finally the significant news that doesn’t fall under the other categories. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

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Total Eclipse For Sun Troops Following Multiple Leadership Changes

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Sun Troops Empire – As the weather begins to heat up for the summer, it seems as though things have also begun to heat up once again within the Sun Troops army.

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The Club Penguin Army Bulletin

The 1st Edition


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Random Facts
  • Current News
  • Upcoming CPAM Events
  • Weekly Story
  • Talking with Troops
  • Song of the Week
  • Conclusion



Klondike, Shad’s OfficeWelcome to the First Edition of The Club Penguin Army Bulletin! This is an exciting article that I, Shad, started long ago, formerly known as The Shad Bulletin! In this edition, you will find random factscurrent news, and upcoming events in CPAM. After that, I will introduce the world to my weekly stories! Next, we’ll talk to a random troop and finish off with the song of the week! Without further ado, let’s begin with with random facts of the week!

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