Island Invaders Stumble Through A Hurricane of Leadership Changes

LUCKY, Island Invaders Empire – Just after their war with the Fire Warriors, the Island Invaders have gone through a massive leadership change. What led to these changes? Continue reading

Leader Life Stories: Oli, Special Weapons and Tactics

SNOW SHOE, SWAT Empire – Throughout the Eagre Foray, an ongoing war between the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics, one thing has remained consistent: The love that the leaders from both sides have on not only their armies but the community as a whole. Specifically with SWAT, their leader, Oli, is yet another example of a leader from Club Penguin Armies from “back in the day” that continues to stick around to live through the nostalgia that he got to witness throughout his childhood.

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Coolguy Removed And Reinstated From Special Weapons and Tactics

SNOWSHOE, Special Weapons and Tactics’ Capital – A sudden turn of events was witnessed this morning as one of the current leaders of SWAT was removed and reinstated within only hours of each other. What events led to Coolguy’s removal and why was he returned so quickly?

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The Special Weapons and Tactics Journey To Major

SNOW SHOE, SWAT Empire – Last week, we saw some new arrivals in the Top Ten. The most notable of these was the S/M powerhouse army, Special Weapons and Tactics. How did they pull off this drastic rise? Continue reading