Os Mascarados Lay Down Their Masks… For Now

BREEZE, Os Mascarados Empire – The Os Mascarados army shut down this week, after their final event on June 19th.

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[BREAKING] Os Mascarados Framed for Multi-logging by Former Members?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – It would appear that two estranged Os Mascarados members have attempted to frame the army for multi-logging at recent events.

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‘The Errantry War’ Ends: Templars & OMA Ceasefire

BREEZE, Os Mascarados Empire — The Templars and OMA war began with the Templars invading Breeze. Soon after that, the two sides agreed to terms, ending their one battle war.

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Templars Declare War on Os Mascarados Army

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Having just concluded a short war with the Crimson Guardians, the Templars have now set their sights on the Os Mascarados Army, with invasions of their servers set for the next week.

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Battle Review : ACP vs PIC vs OMA

Blizzard, CPAM Headquarters – With the growth happening within armies, the community saw a huge battle take place on the Friday, 27th March between the Army of Club Penguin, the People’s Imperial Confederation, and the Os Mascarados Army in Club Penguin Rewritten.

Battle Graphic made by ACP

The first room was Inside the Mine. In this room, the ACP had a massive size advantage, the PIC tried out various line formations, and the OMA tried to retain their sizes throughout. The ACP took this room by storm.

The second room was the Stadium. Both the ACP and the PIC started off well with definite formations. Despite the perfect formations and tactics shown by PIC and OMA; the ACP won the room because of their massive size, bombs, and formations.

The third room was the Beach. The ACP started off solid with an anchor formation, while the PIC and OMA both made a horizontal line. Even though this room didn’t see many formation changes from any of the armies, the ACP won this room easily.

We interviewed the respective army leaders. Let’s see what they had to say:

CPAM: All 3 armies were hyped and ready for the Triple Threat PB. Were you satisfied by the participation of your army? 

LuckyLuigi [PIC]: I was extremely satisfied with the participation of PIC. Our member’s gave it their all and that’s all a commander can really ask for. I’m proud and humbled to have the honor of leading them.

CSY [ACP]: We had over 90 reacts and maxed 65+ online, smashing our last battle record by over 20 troops. I’m extremely satisfied by our performance.

Meanwhile, OMA’s leader Fire told us that he wasn’t able to get into rooms and had to lead blind due to that.

CPAM: If applicable, how did this Practice Battle affect your army’s foreign relations?

LuckyLuigi [PIC]: That’s a terrific question! Overall, the practice battle exposed a lot of PIC’s new soldiers to the art of battling, and for that I am thankful that we had a three way practice battle. In regards to foreign relations, nothing really developed from the event.

CSY [ACP]: In regards to foreign relations – OM has always been kind to us and extremely receptive towards PBs in the past – we’ve since then become allies with them. We’ve never historically been in the best of terms with PIC, but we still thank them for the battle and hope for much more in the future.

Congratulations to the WINNER of all three rooms:

Army of Club Penguin

What was YOUR opinion on this battle? Who should have won? What other battles should CPAM cover? Comment below and let us know!


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