Highly Flammable? Sweater Heats Up Fire Warriors Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Fire Warriors’ Empire During this uncertain period, as several armies saw their respective leaders retire, Sweater, advisor to the Fire Warriors, broke the streak and joined their leadership. What led to this decision, and what does he hope to accomplish?

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Cobra Attempts For Mass Templars Exodus as Internal Conflicts Arise

UNKNOWN Territory, Templars Empire – Drama flares in the Templars as Grand Prior Cobra attempts a rebellion and exodus against creator Xing. What went down behind the scenes that led to this? Continue reading

Ram Em Promoted to Most Wanted Leader

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Most Wanted Empire – After several twists and turns and a few mishaps, the Most Wanted army has announced an exciting new promotion. It was declared that Ram Em, a dedicated Leader-in-Training, would be joining the leadership team. How will this new change affect the army?
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Crystal Cowboys Colonize Under Doritos; Possum03 Joins Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Crystal Cowboys’ Empire – Only a short period of time after being uncolonized from the Ice Warriors, the Crystal Cowboys found themselves a partner, as they spark a new partnership with the Doritos. Although, with recent tensions between the Cowboys and the Warriors, how will the determine the future success of this partnership?

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Battle Of Mammoth: Army of CP vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

FIESTA, Battle Server –  The Special Weapons and Tactics faced off against the Army of Club Penguin in an exciting practice battle, nicknamed the Battle of Mammoth. Although both sides fought bravely, there could ultimately be only one winner. Out of these two green armies, who emerged victoriously? Continue reading

Otter Leaves Redemption Force For Templars Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY,  Templars Empire – In a surprising turn of events, Otter has left the Redemption Force leadership for the Templars.

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The Return of Redemption Force

UNKNOWN, Redemption Force Empire  After a prolonged silence, the Redemption Force of Club Penguin opens their doors once again. The force has awakened. Continue reading