Light Troops Leadership Welcomes Former Dorito Lukey

ICE BOX, Light Troops Empire – The recently revived Light Troops have shown great promise since their re-opening event. In their latest move, the army inducted the former Tamales commander Lukey into the leadership. Continue reading

Tamales Formed From People’s Imperial Confederation & Water Troops Merge

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Tamales Empire – The People’s Imperial Confederation and Water Troops are two small-medium armies that have generated significant names for themselves in the community. However, an unexpected move saw the pair merge together to form a spicy new army, the Tamales. Continue reading


Attai Appointed Commander in Chief of People’s Imperial Confederation

DEEP FREEZE, People’s Imperial Confederation’s Empire –  Earlier today, the People’s Imperial Confederation appointed Attai, otherwise known as Rowan Alden, to Commander in Chief following his return to the army. Continue reading

What Happened To The Peoples Imperial Confederation?

TOBOGGAN, People’s Imperial Confederation Capital – For small/medium armies, troop numbers can be the make or break for that organisation. An army which started out strong with good troop numbers, regular events and even practice battles with other armies got caught up in multi-logging scandals, unusually low troop numbers and multiple wars at once. But how did this happened?

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Water Vikings and Marines Join People’s Imperial Confederation War

BELOW ZERO, People’s Imperial Confederation Empire – The Water Vikings and Marines have joined the People’s Imperial Confederation and declared war on the Pizza Federation and Templars.

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People’s Imperial Confederation Fail To Defend Their Nation In Three Ongoing Wars

WOOL SOCKS, People Imperial Confederation Empire – The People’s Imperial Confederation are under attack from three different opponents, and the mass invasions of their land has resulted in a series of failed defences.

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Pizza Federation and Red Ravagers Target Peoples’ Imperial Confederation

Update @ 7:50 pm EST: Templars have now joined in this conflict and have scheduled invasions of PIC servers Toboggan and Snow Shoe.

TOBOGGAN, People’s Imperial Confederation Empire – Suddenly, 2 armies have decided to invade multiple servers that belong to People Imperial Confederation. One army seems to be doing it without reason, but another is seeking revenge after being falsely accused of multi-logging. Continue reading

Templars Declare War On People’s Imperial Confederation

ICE BOX, Templars Capital The Templars have recently begun a crusade in order to gain more land, ranging from both Club Penguin Rewritten and CPATG.
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CPAM Special Report: Inside the Challengers Cup Multilogging Scandal

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – In a CP Army Media special report, we take a look at the excessive multi-logging that took place by the People’s Imperial Confederation at the Challengers Cup Finals.

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Challengers Cup: Finals Results

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – As the grand finals of the Challengers Cup draws to a close, we crown the winning army…

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