Battle In Blue: Ice Warriors vs. Help Force

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The Ice Warriors and the Help Force went head to head in an intense practice battle earlier today. Although both forces performed in spectacular fashion, Nike favored only one side. Who prevailed?

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Ice Warriors and Army of CP Battle Heads Into Overtime

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The Army of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriors went head to head today in a heated AUSIA practice battle that resulted in overtime. Although both powerhouses performed fabulously during the match, only one army could win. When green goes against blue, who prevails? Continue reading

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Help Force Battle Review

WHITE HOUSE, Battleground – The Rebel Penguin Federation and the Help Force faced off in an exhilarating practice battle on August 30th. The battle of the two giants saw both sides exercise their might with gargantuan sizes. Who took home the trophy? Continue reading

Help Force Crunches Doritos in Practice Battle

WHITE HOUSE, Battle Ground – Help Force and the Doritos of Club Penguin faced off in an exciting skirmish today, August 22. Although both sides fought valiantly, only one could win. Who came out victorious?

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Small-Medium Community Clash In Four-Way Battle

YETI, Battle Server –  The community has seen many practice battles, but none as legendary as this fierce four-way battle! Out of the four armies who participated, who emerged victorious?

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Battle Of Mammoth: Army of CP vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

FIESTA, Battle Server –  The Special Weapons and Tactics faced off against the Army of Club Penguin in an exciting practice battle, nicknamed the Battle of Mammoth. Although both sides fought bravely, there could ultimately be only one winner. Out of these two green armies, who emerged victoriously? Continue reading

Crimson Guardians Celebrate One Year Anniversary

THERMAL, Crimson Guardians Empire – On August 12th, the Crimson Guardians celebrated their first anniversary. They have come a long way in just one year, showing major growth on both their Discord server and in event sizes. Continue reading

Golden Troops Shine Bright In Surprising Elites Battle

ALASKA, Battle Server –  Yesterday we witnessed a small-medium army take on a major army in an intense practice battle. Despite valiant efforts from both parties, a surprising victor emerged. 
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Battle for the Sea: Army of the Orient Seas vs. Water Vikings

CRYSTAL, Battle Server – Earlier today, Army of the Orient Seas and Water Vikings went head-to-head in a practice battle for the sea. Despite the fight both armies put up, only one could win.

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Battle of the Warriors: Dark Warriors vs Ice Warriors

SUMMIT, Battle Ground – Today, the brother allies Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors logged on to a nice friendly practice battle. Both sides had fast tactics and neat formations, but let’s really take a look at this intense battle.

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