Chainpro Couped From Templars Leadership

Update: A statement from Chainpro has been included.

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – Following their disputed battle against the Recon Federation, the Templars saw another controversy take place as Chainpro was couped from leadership. This decision, following right after the long war, certainly came as a shock to many.

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Recon Federation and Templars’ War Ends With Both Sides Claiming Victory

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The war between the Recon Federation and the Templars has come to an end as both sides claim victory. Both armies recently released website posts announcing that they won. What events occurred in the war leading up to now?

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BREAKING: Templars Declare War on Recon Federation

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – Only days after seeing former Recon Federation staff members flee to the Templars, the army decided to declare war on the Recon Federation due to them being “bullied hard”. With both armies having no land on any league’s map, what will this war be like?

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Prior Bumble Retires From Recon Federation Leadership; Coolj Promoted To Commander

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Recon Federation Empire – Just days after Commander in Chief of Recon Federation Prior Bumble was awarded the role CPA Legend, he retired from his position, promoting Coolj to Commander.  Continue reading

Prior Rumbled: SupremePower Releases Recon Federation Exposé

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Former Recon devotees Shallissa and SupremePower have released a tell-all exposé of the Recon Federation and its infamous leader, Prior Bumble.

Warning: The following article contains highly sensitive topics. Read at your own discretion. 

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Tamales Defacement And Shutdown Following Colonization Under Recon Federation

DEEP FREEZE, Tamales’ Empire – After the People’s Imperial Confederation merged with the Water Troops just weeks ago to create the Tamales, their server was defaced and shut down after their colonization under the Recon Federation. 

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Recon Federation and Templars Form ‘Brotherhood of the Banned’ Alliance; Ice Warriors Raid Battle

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Recon Federation Empire – The ‘Pact of the Dragon’ has been signed between the Templars and Recon Federation, solidifying their new alliance. But could their new friendship be put into jeopardy as the Templars allies, the Ice Warriors, raid their latest friendly battle?

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Behind The Sudden Surge Of The Spanish Army Community

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – As the Spanish community has increased in size and is more prevalent in daily army life, many armies have been making changes to their servers. How has the army community adapted in order to welcome these new troops?

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Rebel Penguin Federation Issues Statement Regarding Recent LGA Actions

UPDATE: In response to RPF’s “Lemons are Better” article, LGA has released their own post which can be read here.

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Tensions escalate as the Rebel Penguin Federation releases a statement breaking off their alliance with the Lime Green Army. WARNING: Graphic and mature content ahead.

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Rebel Penguin Federation Successfully Invades Recon Federation

YUKON, Battle Server – The invasion of Yukon scheduled by the Rebel Penguin Federation nearly three days ago finally occurred today, and the Recon Federation put up a strong showing on the battlefield. Both armies fought well for control of the server, but who came out of the conflict as the winner? Continue reading