The Story Behind The Name: Spotty

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to the latest edition of “The Story Behind the Name”, written by Reporter Reeeeee. Each week we reach out to a notable member of the army community to learn the real meaning behind their name. Today we spoke to Spotty, one of CP Army Hub’s Head Judges and the leader of the Elites. What was the reasoning behind Spotty’s username choice?

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Lights out for Pizza Federation, Kehato Promoted to Leader

ABOMINABLE, Pizza Federation Empire – After many hard months of work in the army scheme, Lightningmcj has stepped down from the Pizza Federation’s leadership. After his retirement, he promoted Kehato to leadership. What led to these shocking leadership changes? Continue reading

Army of Club Penguin Concludes Flash Nemesis War with Force Treaty

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Empire – After five long days of conflict, the Flash Nemesis War finally came to a close. What occurred during the final battle and what is included in the force treaty between ACP and SWAT?
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LawCorazon and Orange Join Ice Warriors Leadership

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – As CP Armies came to a close, the Ice Warriors inducted two new leaders. What do these new leaders have planned for the Warriors?

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Honda Retires From Red Ravagers Leadership

SNOWBOUND, Red Ravagers Empire – After the Red Ravagers saw both Honda’s recent return and Neha’s promotion to Red Commander, Honda suddenly announced his retirement from the Ravagers. What caused his sudden retirement? Continue reading

Flash Nemesis War: Day One Ends in Clover Victory

COZY, Battleground – Yesterday, the Army of Club Penguin and SWAT held their first of many battles in the Flash Nemesis War. What was the result of this exciting battle for Cozy? Continue reading

How YOUR Army Is Celebrating The Holiday Season?

ALASKA, CP Army Headquarters – As CP Army Hub wishes you a very Merry Christmas, we take a look at what the armies of this community are doing to celebrate the holiday season. What is YOUR army doing this year?

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The Weapons and Toppings War: Day Six Sees SWAT Even the Score

HOCKEY, Battleground – As the Weapons and Toppings war rages on, the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Pizza Federation battle for the occupancy of Hockey. What was the outcome of this exciting battle? Continue reading

The Weapons and Toppings War: Day Five Sees SWAT Claim Second Victory

AVALANCHE, Battleground – On the fifth day of the Weapons and Toppings war, we saw Special Weapons and Tactics and the Pizza Federation battle for the occupancy of Avalanche. From these two strong armies, who came out victorious?

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Neha Joins Red Ravagers Leadership

SNOWBOUND, Red Ravagers Empire – Shortly after Honda’s return to the Red Ravagers leadership, Neha has been promoted to Red Commander. How will this leadership change affect the army? Continue reading