PINK Retires From Romans Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Roman Empire – After the recent revival of the Romans with a few new and old leaders, one of its first leadership changes has occurred. Leader PINK announced her retirement from the army not long ago.

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The Romans Return To The Army Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Roman Empire  After leaving the community for a season, the Romans have announced their plans to open their gates once more. How far will they go this time? Continue reading

Fire Warriors Reopen: The Next Hot S/M Army?

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Fire Warriors Empire – Another old army has recently reemerged, this one even more legendary than others. Will this generation prove to be a success or will it fail like many others before?
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LuciferStar Retires From Elites To Focus On CP Army Hub

AVALANCHE, Elites Empire – In a surprising turn of events, LuciferStar, the leader of Elites, has resigned. Today was his last event as leader of Elites. 

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