[SATIRE] Why Sarahah is the Worst CPAH Editor in Existence

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters– Something that the majority of the community might not be aware of is this: We as reporters/reporting heads have due diligence to be unbiased when it comes to our reports. But as of late, it appears that one of our reporting heads has clearly violated these terms of unbiasedness. Our very own Editor in Chief, Sarahah, has shown clear signs to being biased when it comes to us, as reporters.

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[YouWrite] Spilled Milk with Red Ravagers Leader Honda

POOKIE’S BASEMENT, CP Army Hub Prison, Writers’ Chamber – The imprisoned troops in Pookie’s basement are proud to present the first edition of Spilled Milk with host Sun Hunter Jacob S. and this week’s visitor from the outside world, Red Ravagers leader Honda!


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[SATIRE] If Armies Were Football Clubs

ALASKA, Regan’s Mind, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Football: the world’s most-watched sport. With the recent return of the Premier League, and of course the more anticipated English Football League Championship. This made me wonder who would the armies be compared to within the footballing world.

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[SATIRE] The Perfect Army

This is a satire, don’t freak out.

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – If there has ever been a perfect army, the CPA news sites have seen it. But what exactly makes the perfect army and is there even a supreme army?

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[SATIRE] BREAKING: Klondike Runs Out Of Paper; CPAH Relocates To Alaska

WARNING: Extreme Satire, but it might not be funny.

TACO BELL, Lucifer’s Office: We’ve officially said goodbye to CP Army Media and CP Army League and hello to CP Army Hub, and you already know the reasons why we’ve decided to make the move. At least you think you know the reason why. CP Army Hub has only just begun and it’s come to my attention that CP Army Hub is already keeping secrets from you!

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32op a Flat Earther?


SLUSHY, CP Army League HQ – Recent evidence has just broken out here at CPAL. We have discovered that one of our very own board of directors, 32op, is indeed a flat earther. What does this mean for the future of CPAL and what do we do with this newfound evidence? Find out more below.

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