Fan Art: The Louvre of Club Penguin Armies

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, The Art Department – In the Louvre of Club Penguin Armies, CP Army Hub showcases some of the best fan art pieces from the army community!

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The Next Leader: Law of the Ice Warriors

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to this edition of “The Next Leader,” written by Reporter Kally. Every week, we get to know one of the future leaders of our community. Today we talk to Law, a current Leader in Training from the Ice Warriors. What are her thoughts on leadership? Who is Law and what should we expect from her?

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Ice Warriors: Shinde Retires From Leadership

SUBZERO, Ice Warriors’ Empire – As the community advances further into autumn, we continue to witness the retirement of many accomplished leaders. In the Ice Warriors alone, they have seen numerous retirements and promotions with the most recent ones being the retirement of Shinde.  Continue reading

Ice Warriors: Erick Inducted Into Leadership

SUBZERO, Ice Warriors’ Empire – With the incoming wave of retirements and leadership inaugurations, it’s no surprise that the legendary army, Ice Warriors have joined the fray, promoting one of their most loyal troops, Erick. Earlier today, after a heated battle with Help Force, an announcement came as a surprise for everyone.

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Doritos Release Public Condemnation of ‘The Warrior Alliance’

SUMMIT, DORITOS HISTORIC CAPITAL – Following the release of this week’s top ten, the Doritos surprisingly published a post condemning the actions committed by both Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors, who make up an alliance known as The Warrior Alliance.

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