Izuno Jumps Aboard Skateboarders Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Skateboarders Empire –  The Skateboarders leadership saw a new face join the team on November 6th. Lydia, one of the current leaders of the Skateboarders, welcomed Izuno, the newest leader of the army. How will this leadership change affect the army? Continue reading


Doruk Absolved From His Duties As Skateboarders Leader

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Skateboarders Empire – Just a couple of days after their revival, Skateboarders’ leader Doruk has already been couped from the ranks. What was the backstory behind his removal from the leadership?

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Refreshed and Rebranded: Skateboarders Roll Out

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Skateboarders Empire – Several armies have returned to the community lately with one of them being the Skaters. What do they have in store for the community?

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[BREAKING] Skaters Shut Down After Leader Elisha Speaks Out on Multilogging Operation

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Skaters Empire – Following the CP Army Media special report earlier today, and new conclusive evidence that we have obtained, the Skaters have shut down and ceased operations with immediate effect.

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CPAM Special Report: Mass Multilogging Uncovered in Skaters Leadership

Click HERE for an update: Skaters shut down after leader Elisha speaks out.

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – In yet another CP Army Media special report on the multilogging madness that has succumbed the community recently, we break down and uncover the shocking exploits of the Skaters leadership.

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Skating Into The Community: Skaters of CP

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Skating their way from the CP Online community, the Skaters Army are the latest to join the CP Army Media umbrella.

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