Hanjah Returns to Templars Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – As the year comes to a close, former Templars leader Hanjah has made the decision to return to leadership. What was the reason for her return?

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Xing Announces Retirement From Templars

UNKNOWN, Templars’ Empire –  On September 22nd, Templars’ leader and creator Xing announced his retirement and passed the torch of his beloved army onto the next generation of leaders.
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Ot_ter Swims Away From Templars Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars’ Empire – As the month goes on, the September drop continues to strike with the Templars being its latest victim. On September 21st, the Templars bid farewell to their leader Ot_ter.

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Templars’ Leadership Wish Freedomist A Farewell

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars’ Empire – As more and more armies are being affected by the September drop, various leadership changes have occurred as a result.

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Grand Prior 4207b Returns To Templars

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – One of the most beautiful things ever is when the people you value come back into your lives. There are quite few moments in life when this happens. The Templars, amidst the grief of the recent loss of their capital Yukon, have been given reason to rejoice as their ex- Grand Prior, 4207b, has returned to lead the army. Continue reading