Adden Subtracted From Water Vikings Leadership

FROSTBITE, Former Water Vikings Capital – The Water Vikings suffered a huge blow in the evening of November 15th, as Viking Legend and High Council Member Adden announced his retirement from the army. After supporting the army for nearly four months, Adden has hung up his Viking helmet to focus on his real life voyage. Continue reading


Water Vikings and Doritos Practice Battle Proceeds Into Overtime

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The Water Vikings and the Doritos engaged in a fierce practice battle earlier today. Although both armies performed spectacularly, only one was able to win. Who prevailed?

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Community Schedule Mass Invasions Of Newly Released Free Land

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – This week, an expansion of the server map was released after the conclusion of the Black Seas War. In response, various armies scheduled invasions of free land. Which armies are invading these new lands? Continue reading

Buddy Retires from Water Vikings Leadership

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – Water Vikings legend and leader Buddy has recently announced his retirement from the army, instead choosing to remain as an active member of the Panel of Guardians. What were his reasons for retiring? Continue reading

NotManuGinobili Rejoins Water Vikings Leadership

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – The Water Vikings witness a familiar face return to their leadership: their former Viking Commander, NotManuGinobili, nearly two months after his departure from the army. What led to his return?

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LIVE BLOG: A Timeline of the Black Seas War

All updates have been added.

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – As the community descends into disarray, you may find that allegiances and invasions are increasingly difficult to keep track of. This timeline will detail all major events of the Black Seas War so far and will be updated regularly to reflect the latest events.

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Black Seas War: Dark Warriors and Water Vikings Face Off For Jackhammer

JACKHAMMER, Battleground – With another day of war comes another day of invasions. Today, the Dark Warriors and the Water Vikings battled it out once more for the server Jackhammer. Which army came out victorious?

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Black Seas War: Rebel Penguin Federation Freezes Water Vikings On Icicle

ICICLE, Battleground – Merely hours ago, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Water Vikings went head to head in the Battle of Icicle. Which army won the fight and the server?

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Frosty Tensions: Ice Warriors Battle Water Vikings For Shiver

SHIVER, Ice Warriors Empire – The Ice Warriors invasion of the Water Vikings’ server Shiver saw two mighty ‘AUSIA’ forces come to blows, but what exactly happened on the battlefield? And who came out on top?

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Black Seas War: Rebel Penguin Federation Invade Cream Soda From Water Vikings

CREAM SODA, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – Day two of the Black Seas War saw the Rebel Penguin Federation invade the Water Vikings’ server Cream Soda in a fierce AUSIA battle. Exactly what occurred in the second battle of this war?

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