Blended Fruit: Templars Declare War on Mango Corps

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, TEMPLARS’ EMPIRE – Despite a period of isolationism, the Templars’ announced their latest crusade against the Mango Corps. What are their reasons to declare war, and how do the Mangoes plan to respond?

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McBruh Welcomed to Pizza Federation Leadership

ABOMINABLE, Pizza Federations’ Empire – After the Pizza Federation overcame the first round of Christmas Chaos against the Special Weapons and Tactics, the army promoted McBruh, a loyal member of the Higher Command, to join the leadership. What changes will McBruh bring to the leadership?

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The Return Into the Light: Zamb Joins Doritos and Light Troops Leadership

Ice Box, Light Troops Empire – An unlikely face has made a reappearance in the leadership of the Light Troops and the Doritos. Why did army veteran Zamb decide to return to the community? Continue reading

Underpaid and Overworked Cup [FINALS]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub’s Headquarters – The four in the semi-finals competed to design a Chaos server banner and icon. Find out who’s advancing to the finals, and what will be involved!

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Elites Leadership Shakeup: Zamb, Koloway & AustinFraud Inducted

AVALANCHE, Elites Empire – After the retirement of two leaders, the Elites have announced the induction of three new leaders; Zamb, Koloway, and Austinfraud. Continue reading

Behind the Lens: The Failed Edict, Order 67

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Boiler Room – In the last edition of Behind the Lens, we looked back to the Army of Club Penguin’s past, where Cassius Brutus oversaw the army at their lowest time and was responsible for their rise to prominence before later being a victim of a coup de’tat. Today’s archives relate to a persisting issue in the CP Army Hub; that being the supposed “lack of representation from small armies”. Because of the army representative system, every army is given an equal say, but when there wasn’t, these armies were easily bullied by bigger powers. What was “Order 67”, and why were small-medium armies threatened by it?

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Thomas83514 Steps Down to Second-in-Command

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire: Thomas83514 is considered to be one of the best leaders of the Water Vikings, but today he has decided to abdicate from this throne. Thomas is a person who is considered as one of the harbingers of Water Viking’s CPPS era, and also is credited as the creator of the first CPPS army ever. Why did he step down, and what was his significance to the army?

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