Board Announcement Regarding Coin Events

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – Today the Board of Directors had a meeting which was based around the improvement of Club Penguin Armies as a whole. We did discuss many things however the main point was based around Coin Events.

As you all may now know, once a week every army is given a Coin Event. A coin event is where your army is rewarded coins at the end of it. (You compile a list of usernames of people who attended the coin event and they are rewarded a certain amount of coins).

Coin events were brought in a couple of months ago when the Army League (previously known as Army Central) was going through a development phase in order to support ALL armies & give equal advantages. Prior to this development phase, only a set number of armies were rewarded coins which was deemed as unfair by many members of the community so we implemented coin events for all to give absolute fairness & equality.

At this moment in time, Club Penguin Online is the ONLY CPPS which supports armies in such ways. Club Penguin Online gives a lot of lenience to armies that other CPPS’ do not. Club Penguin Online allows armies to post their links openly in general and allows people to actively recruit and hold raid events on their servers. This is because some of us staff on Club Penguin Online have been part of Armies before and have sympathy towards the Armies & want to see the community doing well.

The outcome of the meeting:

At this moment in time, many countries are locked down & kept out of school due to the Corona Virus outbreak. Many people do not know when everything will calm down nor do we know when life will be back to normal, however, the advice given to almost every country by every government is: Stay at Home. We want all of our members to stay at home to prevent this disgusting virus from spreading further & unnecessarily infecting more people, this is why Club Penguin Online has had a surge in numbers this previous week (hence why there are so many FULL servers when you log in).

In order to aid & continue the development of Club Penguin Armies, we are introducing THREE coin events per week until this outbreak calms. We feel that the addition of more coin events will make more users want to attend more events per week (especially with the Small/Medium Armies) as some people may only show up for the coin events.

This means we will be making three separate coin event channels so that we know armies aren’t abusing the amount of coin events we are giving. However, if any army is caught trying to abuse this system, they will be banned from having coin events for two months.

Coin events will be counted from Monday – Sunday every week.


If you have any further questions or queries don’t hesitate to ask on our discord server.

Join the CPOnline Army League discord here:



Club Penguin Online Army League Creator & CEO


Club Penguin Online Army League Head of Board


Club Penguin Online Army League Board


Club Penguin Online Army League Board

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  1. Im Ibrahim of the Cool Penguins army and i fully suport this change. it will certainly make CPO a better place


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