[WWR]: The Alliance Breaks ─ HF declares war on ACP


ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital ─ In a sudden twist of events, the Help Force, a close ally of the Army of Club Penguin, has chosen to side with the Rebel Penguin Federation in the World War Rewritten conflict. To find out more, click read more.

[Table of Contents]

1. Background

2. Crack of Dawn

3. Interviews with Leaderships

4. Conclusion

1. Background

When the Help Force migrated to Club Penguin Rewritten after some unfortunate affairs on their previous CPPS, several armies offered a helping hand to them. Some of the first armies that reached out to HF were the Lime Green Army, Pretzels, and the Army of Club Penguin. Despite the two formers helping, the latter, the Army of Club Penguin became the Help Force‘s new ally.

For quite some time, the two had a fine relations. There was one incident that almost spiked a war in early January. However, it was immediately resolved.

2. Crack of Dawn

On 30th April 2020, the Help Force declared war on the Army of Club Penguin. HF’s war declaration was based on the excessive amount of insults upon them by the ACP Staff along with other reasons stated in their war post (click here.)

Going back to the reasons of why the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war on the Army of Club Penguin, a similar tension arose in the Help Force after the leak from the ACP Discord  (click here.) Here is an excerpt from the post itself.

ACP has tried to apologize to us for their comments on a multitude of occasions. First, their lackluster public response. The entirety of the post was ACP excusing their comments against their own allies. Yes, at the time there was alleged troop stealing. Alongside this, they act as if they only time they had said anything against HF was during that situation. In a conversation I held with an ACP moderator, it appeared as if that situation was not the first time we have been shit talked about.

3. Interviews with Leadership

To get a clear picture of the war declaration, we have chosen to interview HF leader Tistle, HF’s First in Command.


Interview with Tistle

conducted by Coollivvy123

CPAM: With everything that’s going on, how do you feel your staff and, quite frankly, yourself have been treated by ACP?

Tistle: It’s been a build up of little issues which have arisen for a few weeks now. When HF were accused of recruiting ACP members through DMs by accident, hurtful words were said by a handful of ACP members. The situation was then resolved but the tensions were building and when the comments were leaked from their staff chat they knew there would be trouble.

We received apologies on numerous occasions from CSY and other Leaders but they we were promised a statement/apology from all staff members, (especially those who said things) which we did not receive. The things we saw hurt the staff, some of them quite deeply. We felt that the situation was unamendable, and as Moon said in our war declaration, “ACP are sorry that they got caught.” Our staff feel aggrieved by what has happened and since at this stage in time where war is inevitable, it was time to pick sides.

Either forgive ACP for their wrong-doing and give the impression that anyone can say stuff about HF without us being bothered, or go against them as “rivals” and see who the best force really is. We know that ACP are upset by this and for me I can sympathize with them, but we were promised more than what we received from them. They’ve told us they won’t return the invasions, whether they keep to that is yet to see.

CPAM: Do you think your relationship with ACP has changed from when you first allied with them?

Tistle: I know for a fact that ACP don’t want this to be true, but there were extracts of the evidence with are simply unforgivable to us, no matter if they didn’t mean it in hindsight. This conflict will have lasting effects I’m sure, what will happen after it’s over is unknown. It just depends on the upcoming battle results and what’s said between the two armies in the near future.

CPAM: What do you think about the ACP not having a response to your declaration of war?

Tistle: If you think about it thoroughly it’s pretty clear. ACP above all else feel guilty for what was said and they know they’re in the wrong. They weren’t trying to attract war and now they have they definitely regret it, with everything else going on too.
Them not attacking to focus on other activities is almost like them saying, “we know what we did wrong and we should be punished for it”. You could say it’s another apology and a way of trying to build something back between both armies in the long term.

CPAM: How do you see this war going in the future? What do you think will come out of it?

Tistle: I haven’t ever been in a war where circumstances have been anywhere near as similar to this, so for me it’s unclear. From HF’s point of view, this is a chance to grow back to the heights we had when we battles RFCP in March and really bring the army back to where it should be.
We hope this spurt of activeness will last, because we have good plans lined up for the next few months within Help Force. We’re always looking to the future as well as what’s in front of us.

CPAM: Any further points you would like to add?

Tistle: Whatever happens, we hope that nothing of what we’ve seen ever happens again. Not only in ACP, but in HF and every army in the league. We hope people have learnt from their mistakes and are mindful of what they say to people they don’t know online again.

4. Conclusion

Margaret Atwood sums it best with her quote,
“War is what happens when language fails.”

The war will begin to have a twist in it with the 3rd largest power siding with the Rebel Penguin Federation. The Army of Club Penguin continues to hold a strong defense but the wave could possibly turn.

What do YOU think about Help Force’s recent declaration of war? Comment YOUR opinion down below!



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CPAM Editor-in-Chief


CPAM Chief Executive Officer


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