World War Rewritten: A Timeline

Note : The World War has ENDED. Every Update has been added!

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media Headquarters – As World War Rewritten continues to heat up, you may find that allegiances and invasions are increasingly difficult to keep track of. This timeline will detail all major events of World War Rewritten so far and will be updated as needed.

If there is a CPAM post about a specific event, clicking on the date will bring you to it.

  • April 24th – TheManWithThePlan releases three posts with screenshots compiled from ACP staff chats. The three posts contain screenshots against CPAM, RPF, and HF. The contents of these screenshots presented ACP in a morally questionable light which provided the basis on which the war’s events would unfold.

  • April 24th – ACP releases a response to the posts made by TheManWithThePlan, defending itself from the implications of the screenshots released.

  • April 27th – RPF officially declares ACP enemies and declares war. RPF cites ACP’s trash talk and immoral army practices as reasons for the declaration and schedule their invasions in pairs.

  • April 27th – ACP responds to RPF’s declaration of war, citing that RPF seeks to bully a smaller army. In this post, ACP also claims that TheManWithThePlan actually had info leaked to them by a former ACP staff member.

  • April 27th – Chaos declares war on RPF, scheduling a defense of Beanie and an invasion of RPF’s capital, Tuxedo.

  • April 28th – Kings of CPR declare war on RPF, stating that the declaration came out of allies needing them

  • April 28th – The first four battles of World War Rewritten are fought. RPF invades ACP servers Mammoth (CPR) and Mammoth (CPATG) as well as Chaos servers Deep Freeze (CPR) and Beanie (CPR). Each side claims victory as Day One of WWR comes to an end.

  • April 29th – WOK declares war on Chaos with one term, allies allowed. WOK states that they are declaring war in order to assist their allies at a time where allies are welcomed.

  • April 29th – ACP and PIC declare war on each other on the same day, with ACP’s declaration coming first. PIC’s states that their declaration is not one of revenge but one standing with their allies, the RPF

  • April 29th – Under new leader Dino, LGA declares war on ACP and Chaos. LGA brings up a loophole in their treaty with ACP and transfer all land to RPF. ACP and Chaos respond to this declaration of war with posts detailing terms of their own.

  • April 29th – Chaos invades RPF’s capital Tuxedo and both sides bring allies. This battle can be seen as the true start of World War Rewritten as over 250 penguins from 10 different armies logged on for the biggest battle in CPATG history. In the end, each side claimed victory yet again as Day 3 of WWR came to a close.

  • April 30thACP and Chaos force RPF to defend two servers at once by scheduling invasions for Deep Freeze (CPR) and Marshmallow (CPR) at the same time. In a shocking turn of events, all three armies declare themselves victorious.

  • April 30th – WOK invades Chaos’ server Ascent (CPR) and both armies claim victory.

  • April 30thPZF declares war on WOK in defense of their allies, Chaos.

  • April 30th – In an unprecedented move, HF, who are allies with ACP and RPF, declares war on ACP. HF say they cannot stay on the sidelines any longer and present pictures of ACP staff asking for the HF alliance to be broken.

  • April 30th – RFCP declares war on RPF, PIC, and LGA, choosing to fight alongside their old enemies ACP. RFCP sees RPF’s aggression as justified but says it is intoxicated by an outrageous battle schedule.

  • April 30th – Kings of CPR declare war on WOK and officially ally with Chaos

  • May 1st – RPF invades Chaos’ server Alpine (CPATG). The battle is fought with ACP and RFCP in attendance but no Chaos to be found. In the end, both sides of the conflict yet again claim victory.

  • May 1st – WOK counter declares war on PZF with the terms no allies and no colonies.

  • May 1st – HF invades Chaos’ server Northern Lights (CPATG). No one comes to defend and HF successfully captures Northern Lights. Chaos Army declare HF’s invasion as Invalid because there wasn’t a 24 hr notice.

  • May 1st – WOK invades Chaos’ server of Slushy (CPATG). Chaos does not attend and PZF is present to defend instead. WOK claims their invasion to be successful while PZF maintains that the battle was a tie.

  • May 2nd Army of Club Penguin ceases fire with the Rebel Penguin Federation. Terms are set and both armies agree to cease war operations until 29th September 2020.

  • May 2nd – Warlords of Kosmos and Chaos Army cease fire and become allies.

  • May 2nd Help Force ceases fire with the Army of Club Penguin.

  • May 2nd – Chaos Army agrees on RPF as the winner of their war and ceases fire.

  • May 2nd Peoples’ Imperial Confederation and Army of Club Penguin end their war.

  • May 2nd Recon Federation of Club Penguin criticizes the ACP for ceasing fire and declares war on ACP. Army of Club Penguin ignores any declarations and states that the war has ended.

  • May 2nd – The World War Rewritten comes to an end.


Project Leaders – Pookie437

Project Contributors Dino, Ayan

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