Club Penguin Online Announces Closure; CP Rewritten to Follow?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Club Penguin Online is shutting its doors amid the ongoing battle between Club Penguin Private Servers and Disney Interactive.

Club Penguin Online has been around for a long time, and despite its controversies has become the biggest CPPS in the community, with over 8 million penguins being registered on the website. However, its time has come to an end.

An CP Online administrator made an announcement on their blog earlier today, stating Club Penguin Online will be shutting down at the end of May.

Statement from Club Penguin Online’s administration detailing its closure.

Club Penguin Online details the saga that has been ongoing in their community, and states that Disney has sent them, along with other CPPS’, a DMCA. They conclude by thanking their community and stating that they will release a more definite shutdown date at the end of the month.

It seems CP Online are not the only CPPS server to be closing, as The Berg and Club Penguin Brasil are also shutting. Super Club Penguin, as mentioned in a previous article (click here to read), is staying up for now. Club Penguin Rewritten has received an email about the DMCA notice, but is fighting against the claim for now, insisting they are staying open.

Disney have filed a copyright claim against CPO and CPR

In regards to the CP Online Army League, despite their platform closing, they remain adamant that their league will not die. It has been widely rumoured that the CPO Army League will be moving to minecraft. Epic101, figurehead of the CPOAL community, said the following:

Please do not let this baffle you, we here at the Army league, the leading Army Community, have huge plans in the coming weeks. The community will not die. We have huge huge plans for the future. Continue recruiting and building your armies over the next few weeks. Something huge is coming.

With the future of CP Rewritten uncertain, and many other servers dropping like flies, CP Army Media will continue to cover this story and provide you with the latest updates.

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3 Responses

  1. Thank goodness CPO is shutting down, but Disney never should have gotten involved (there was a petition calling for Disney to shut down CPO). If they could use their copyright power to shut down CPO, what’s to stop them from shutting down all the other CPPSes? And that is exactly what is happening here. Get the FBI, or other authority involved, but not Disney, the ultimate, evil mega-corporation. Now that they’re involved, the CPPS community is finished.


  2. […] CPO has ceased operations two weeks earlier than they announced on the 14th of May, which was covered by CPAM reporter Stracciatella. This leaves notorious armies such as the Doritos, the Ice Warriors, and the Dark Warriors without […]


  3. […] 14th May 2020, CPO posted an administration statement (click here for the post on that), in which they stated that the game will be shutting down by the end of the […]


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