Battle Review: Golden Guardians vs. Dark Bandits

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Two of the community’s rapidly rising armies, the Golden Guardians and Dark Bandits, recently engaged in an intense battle. What happened, and who emerged the winner?

The Golden Guardians and Dark Bandits recently became allies, yet a practice conflict between the pair took place on Saturday, May 16. This was to help prepare the Guardians for an upcoming war against the Pizza Federation they are embarking on to claim more land. Golden leader Pjayo described the war as “funny” and stated “not every war has to have negative connotations”. 

May 16th: Golden Guardians vs. Dark Bandits

In the skirmish, the Dark Bandits hit a maximum of 15 penguins while the Golden Guardians peaked at double this – a total size of 31. The first battle room was the Stadium, at which the Golden Guardians formed a strong “X” and the Dark Bandits cut through with a horizontal line. After a series of emotes and tactics Golden Guardians surrounded the room, enclosing the Dark Bandits in a circle. The Golden Guardians took victory in this room.

Both armies fought valiantly in the second room, the Docks. The Guardians were quick to make a plus formation, while the Dark Bandits sat on the vertical line of the Golden Guardian’s formation. The second room was another victory for the Guardians. 

Room Two: Docks

For the third room, the Golden Guardians emulated their strategy in the second room by surrounding the Ice Berg. The Dark Bandits fought back with a vertical line. With the thirty minute battle drawing to a close, it was clear the Golden Guardians won both the final room and the practice battle overall. 

The Golden Guardians finish with a 3-0 victory.

Post-battle, CP Army Media spoke to leaders from both of the armies, and asked what their thoughts were:

Zambi, Dark Bandits Leader:

Well, based on results, it’s clear that we lost. Golden Guardians were more prepared, had a greater sum of troops, and overall were more organized than us. I’m not degrading the Dark Bandits by any means, after all it was our first practice battle. However, this is our wake up call to take events and recruiting more seriously and strive to follow our allies by example, maybe even overtake them.

Pjayo, Golden Guardians Leader:

We did the best we did that week, but I know DB had some trouble during that event. I’m sure that if we go at it again it would be a lot more contested. Either way, good battle.

The Golden Guardians 3-0 victory leave them in the opportune position for their upcoming war with the Pizza Federation. With many battles set to occur in the coming week, CP Army Media will be providing you with the very latest.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Bean Pea

CP Army Media Reporter


CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief


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  1. Was a great battle! Good post, Max.


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