Tensions Rise Between Sun Troops and Water Vikings Following Failed Merge

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Tensions have been brewing between the Sun Troops and Water Vikings as leader JoelFreak attempted to merge the army.

Sun Troops are an army that recently re-registered with CP Army Media and having been consistently achieving maximum sizes of 10 at their events.

The conflict started earlier today when JoelFreak and his bot entered the Sun Troops Discord server and deployed a direct message announcing an alleged merge with the Water Vikings. Moments after the bot reached all of the Sun Troop members, a surplus of new users entered the Vikings server. Ten minutes after the message got around, however, Sun Troops leader Harry announced the merge was in fact not happening. He noted that JoelFreak had done this without the approval from the current leaders.

In a direct message with Joel, Viking leader Buddy offered him a higher command rank in exchange for the merge. After the bot announced the alleged merge, Joel received the rank and was immediately banned from the ST server.

Moments after Joel’s banishment, Sun Troops leader CP Master contacted Joel and offered him a reinstatement, agreeing to ban Harry from the army. Regardless of Joel not discussing this merge with the rest of the leaders/staff, Joel was reinstated as leader of the Sun Troops.

The CP Army Media team was able to speak exclusively with JoelFreak, to learn more about the recent conflict.

What were your thoughts when attempting to merge the two armies?

Well, I wanted to keep the peace, and I was feeling a little uncomfortable about people who were around me. I decided the best way to end it was to merge into Water Vikings to stop the arguments. While people don’t like me for doing it and this is very awkward, I want to keep the peace and I don’t want anyone to hate me. I did this for peace but might get hate off it. I was always friends with the Water Vikings so I decided to merge for peace. I was then thrown off ST for doing it until they brought me back and I am leading once again in Sun Troops, even though Water Vikings wanted me to stay as their troop. I declared that WV would be my second army and I would ensure that the times always differed.

What are your plans with Sun Troops to avoid further conflict with WV?

Well, I don’t really know. As I am a leader of Sun Troops and a friend and 4ic in WV I think that will help keep the peace. I love Water Vikings and will do whatever it takes to keep the peace

Is there anything else you would like to add in regards to the conflict between ST and WV?

I will not face any more arguments or make any more enemies. I don’t want a huge rivalry. the new ST is different. It has fresh blood. This new blood wants to stay at peace and face no war. If you bear grudges then you are a person who cannot forgive, therefore you don’t deserve to be a Sun Troop.

And yet the drama did not stop there. Upon the realisation that Joel had been welcomed back as leader and that CP Master had removed his ‘Legend’ role, Harry came into the server with allegations against one of the other Sun Troop leaders, Midnight.

Harry also targeted Pranav, an advisor of the Sun Troops, by pinging the Discord 17 times. He was removed and banned shortly afterwards.

CP Army Media approached Harry for a statement regarding his situation:

“Yesterday Joel Freak came to Midnight (former leader) and asked for perms to revive Sun Troops. Midnight did not even discuss with the other leaders he just went ahead and let him revive them knowing fully well that Joel Freak can get mad and just start doing random stupid stuff to the server like he did to Miners. I clearly wasn’t happy with this and every time I tried to give Joel advice he wouldn’t listen. Buddy came into Sun Troops and I told him to leave as last time we allied with WV none of them came to our event’s but at least 5 troops from ours came to all their event’s. Buddy was banned. Joel then got mad at this because WV was his former army and got his stupid little bot to come in and Sun Troops and DM all “we have now merged into WV” with their invite link. After all this happend Midnight took my legend role off me? and I left Sun Troop’s happily because they are all toxic. I am now leaving every army including IW that Midnight is involved in.”

It is clear Harry is very upset with his current relationship with these armies, and has no plans to return to them. But is the last we have heard of him? Or will he be back to cause more trouble? With the Water Vikings and Sun Troops not merging, how will each fair? Could this conflict result in a war? Or will things be peacefully resolved?

What do YOU think? Will peace remain between the two armies? What will Harry do next? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Reporter




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  2. I… don’t think I fully understand what happened and what’s on the Joel Freak’s mind…


    • what happened was that people were tired of arguments, tried to stop it, and got it into more mess. I had nothing much to do with the initial situation, and I will not provide any more comments on any arguments the Sun Troops get into.


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