Army Of The Week: Marines

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – It’s time once again for Army Of The Week! This week’s Army Of The Week was more difficult than those in the past, with multiple armies hopping up on the Top Twenty. However, ultimately Marines was decided to be the Army Of The Week. 

On November 20th, 2006, Sf1998 created an army meant to be the brother of Army Of Club Penguin. He called this army the Marines of Club Penguin. With the army being the 5th ever formed, some consider it an ancient army. 

 A picture of the early Marines sometime in 2006 after their formation.

The original Marines however, was not meant to last. Halfway through 2007, on June 10th, the army closed its doors. There were no announcements, no official statements from Sf1998 beforehand, the army simply closed its doors. Sf1998 left the CP community, his last words to the Marines being rather insignificant. 

Sometimes you can find me in Frozen Uk or Mammoth everyday! My Club Penguin username is Sf1998 (Obviously) But if you want to be my buddy I am always there!

– Sf1998 on June 10th 2007

After that point, there were several attempts at recreating Marines. None of them managed to be successful or particularly notable. 

In February 2014, Sidie9 and Rexeh attempted to recreate the Marines. This too became deceased, however their determination to bring the Marines back did not join it in the grave. In December, the duo brought Marines back once again. This time though, they appointed Apollo and Revan to be the leaders. 

Marines under Apollo and Revan.

As with all previous reiterations of Marines, this too crumbled. The era lasted far longer than previous resurrection attempts. After this fall, another few attempts of recreation took place. Some attempts as recent as back in May, where another attempt at Marines had shut its doors. 

None of them managed to gain momentum as quickly as the current Marines. Revan is back once again to lead, with Buddy and Sidie9 there to help. This week, the army managed to score 10th on the Top Twenty. Quite the feat considering they had only been reborn for a week.

Let’s see what Revan has to say about this new Marines era!

Revan, do you mind sharing what made Marines so successful last week?

I feel like a lot of our success came down to the loyal troops who returned to marines straight away to help in its revival, it would not have gone as well as it did if it weren’t for them so shout out to everyone who came back to help me in its return.

That’s wonderful! What was the goal with reviving the Marines?

My goal as cliche as it sounds was to just have fun ultimately for myself and those in it. A lot people were asking for me to bring it back and i know how it feels to have your favourite army be dead, so to be able to give those who truly wanted to be part of Marines once more was really the main goal for me.

That’s so sweet, and I wish you the best of luck in accomplishing your goal! Now then, with your goal in mind, where do you see Marines in the future?

Thank you. Firstly in the future I hope someone else is leading it and i hope that to see it become a community for all those within it and not just be a hollow army with people coming in and out every two seconds

With that, this week’s Army Of The Week is concluded. Marines are an army that have been through many generations in it’s lifetime. With Revan’s dreams in mind, let’s see if they manage to come true.

Will this era of Marines be able to flourish? Or will it end in failure like the many attempts before it? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


CP Army Media Associate Producer


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