Legends Cup X Details: The Grand Finals

KLONDIKE, Legends Cup Boardroom — The Legends Cup X tournament enters its last stage after controversial semi-final battles. Read more to know about the scheduled timings for the grand finale.

A brief reminder of our updated rules: 

  • Armies must not multi-log/use bots, or any other unfair means of gaining an advantage.
  • No DDosing/Doxxing/Defacing/etc.
  • Do not use allies/members of other armies.
  • Rules of CPATG apply; armies must not use foul language during battles.
  • Armies enrolled in the tournament should not be enrolling members for temporary attendance, nor should they seek out people outside their army to attend for them.

Round four (the semi-finals) of Legends Cup X saw four armies give their best. The Help Force upset the odds yet again after they defeated the Dark Warriors in close combat. The Rebel Penguin Federation progressed after a controversial battle against the Ice Warriors, which went into overtime. The two armies facing each other in the finals are:

Rebel Penguin Federation
Help Force

Click to enlarge.

Finals Times

[June 27th]

Rebel Penguin Federation
Help Force

12:30 AM IST / 8 PM BST / 3 PM EST / 2 PM CST / 1 PM MST / 12 PM PST


What do YOU think about this tournament?
Who do you think will win the trophy? 

Comment below and let us know.


CP Army Media Chief Executive Officer

3 Responses

  1. Rpf will win. Its obvious. Lmao…


  2. RPF


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