Help Force Triumph In Army of CP Battle

PERMAFROST, Battle Room – Another practice battle broke out between two armies with nobody to separate them on the most recent universal top ten. Two armies with similar sizes recently, so how did these two top 5 contenders fare off against each other?

On the 3rd of July, at approximately 3 pm EST, the Army of Club Penguin took on the Help Force on CPRewritten for the latest practice battle featuring the two major armies. This battle was as close in battle as it was on paper, as only overtime could separate these two giants. 


Room one began with a dominant entrance from an interesting looking Help Force and was quickly followed by the Army of Club Penguin forming an X. Both sides fired word tactics at one another most notably ACP’s “UNLEASH THE POWER OF CLOVERS”, a dig at HF’s motto. ACP was first to bomb but was quickly followed by HF, both sides choosing emotes for their bomb. ACP circled the docks quickly while HF took to a plus formation. Once again both sides exchanging tactics but ACP was the quicker out of the two. For this reason, the judges awarded room one to ACP. 

Room 1: Docks


Help Force was quicker into the Stadium to begin room two but the Army of Club Penguin was once again quicker into formation with a plus while HF took to an X. This room saw an improvement from HF as they looked like taking the lead in terms of tactics. An ACP rake was brilliantly countered by a joke bomb counter by HF, with distinguished improvements in speed compared to room one. ACP’s circle formation showed a few notable gaps. An ACP emote bomb was quickly countered by the helpers. A brilliant fightback in the last few minutes from ACP was not enough to put them on par with Help Force with HF taking the win to tie the battle at one apiece.

Room 2: Stadium

[Inside Mine]

Help Force was once again dominant on entry to the third room and into their upside-down T formation quicker. The Army of Club Penguin formed an X and began tactics quicker than their opponents. But, HF was quick to improve with speed. A very unique elevator bomb from ACP impressed the judges while HF took to a circle formation. The ACP also took to a circle formation and covered HF tactics although more helpers were visible. ACP was quick to bomb with their classic “ACPOWNS” then quickly into a plus. HF was quick to follow with a J bomb covering ACP’s EQ tactic then formed an L. This was the closest of the rooms which made the judges decide to continue the fun and bring this battle to overtime.

Room 3: Inside Mine


Both armies entered the Iceberg with impressive bombs each with ACP then forming an impressive circle while HF took to an anchor formation. Both were as quick in tactics with HF making the first bomb quickly followed by an ACP joke bomb. HF formed an X formation while ACP looked set to do the same but instead chose an infinity sign formation. A good bomb from HF followed, but ACP was unable to defend from this as HF overpowered their lowercase reply. In what were a very close room to judge, ACP’s questionable replies and tactics compared to the dominant bombs were inevitably the deciders in this battle, as Help Force win room 4 and the battle. 

Room 4: Iceberg

The judges called a 2-1-1 win for the Help Force in this battle against the Army of CP! While the judges didn’t specific major key points for the win, it is evident that HF simply overpowered ACP in this close and entertaining battle!

Judge’s Results of PB.


After this close battle, the Help Force take the win against the Army of Club Penguin. As Help Force showed during their LCX battle against the Doritos of Club Penguin, that they could win regardless of the disadvantage in size of nearly 10, they did it again against ACP. HF brought 42 troops while ACP brought 10 more, maxing at 52. Both armies showed off their strengths and weaknesses in this nail-biting encounter. And there’s no doubt that each army gave their all and set their mark ahead of the upcoming server map!


What do YOU think? Who do you think should have been victorious in this practice battle? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Reporter

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