Army Hub Private Server Partnerships, Alternatives and Safety

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – After the closure of the original Club Penguin, we have all seen countless new recreations of the game. Many of these are very popular, but it still is important to stay aware of the current situation with CPPSes in the community and stay educated on how you can stay safe.

Some of these CPPSes have stayed open but many we have seen to close due to various reasons, such as a lack of popularity or due to a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) from Disney. Along with these fun new CPPSes, there have come some risks, which we should all be aware of. Let’s take a look into some of these CPPSes: what they are, which ones are safe, how to stay safe, and more.

What is a DMCA?

Something that we have been hearing in the community more often is the abbreviation, DMCA. DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act and is a US law that was created in 1998. The law criminalizes the bypass of electronic and digital copyright protection systems. These DMCAs granted to CPPSes by Disney are given to force the shutdown of the server in question. Failure to do so may land yourself in court with Disney, which is why you should take these notices seriously.

What is a CPPS?

A CPPS (Club Penguin Private Servers) are servers made to imitate the original Club Penguin game, and often also re-use the SWF files that are used to replicate the game’s content. These servers are usually made by fans that allow the users to have free ‘Premium Privileges’, such as free membership, name glows, and other various perks. The fact of having a free version of Club Penguin often drew in a lot of users, since the original game often was costly for a membership. While these servers may be quite popular since the game had officially shut down in March of 2017, they are not endorsed by Disney as they are an unofficial imitation of the original content.

The use and creation of CPPSes had not only started when the original game shutdown 3 years ago, they have been around much longer. The first CPPS was made by iRath around the years of 2010 and was named iCPv1. The creator was pressured by Disney to shut down shortly after creating. But, the developers of the CPPS had released scripts that they had used from the CPPS that would allow others to create their servers. A popular CPPS from before the shut down was, which was created in 2011. This server was the first CPPS to reach 1 million users, which was reached in April of 2014. 3 years later, in 2017 the CPPS was also the first one to reach 2 million users.

Since the creation of the first CPPS, tons more have been created. Many of them have been shut down by a DMCA from Disney, but this does not stop the community from making and opening much more. Most recently with the forced shutdowns of many popular CPPSes like Club Penguin Online, the community has seen a lot of new servers opening. While some may be untrustworthy, a lot can be trusted which is why CP Army Hub was able to partner with a few of these CPPSes!

Who are the Army Hub’s Partners?

The CP Army Hub Partners are different private CPPSes that have been deemed trustworthy enough to endorse to our community. The administers tried their best to ensure that these servers are safe for use from everyone. Each of these servers was asked about their security features and how they handle user information. Then after, if needed, they were helped increase their security. After this was all said and done, the CP Army Hub Administration discussed partnership terms with each of the servers. This includes the advertisement of each other’s servers, army codes on the CPPS, or the official endorsement of the CPPS from CPAH. All of this combined is what was put into consideration when deciding which CPPSes were going to be endorsed. The administration wanted to ensure the safety of our community while using these servers. After careful consideration and discussion, CPAH came out with the following partnerships along with their terms:


Frosty was formally called CPBack which was created in December of 2019. After some internal issues, the CPPS rebranded as Frosty. The CPPS opened in May of 2020 after the rebranding. The CPAH Partnership terms with Frosty are as follows:

Reminder that DM recruiting from Frosty is not allowed. Auto-typing is allowed as of now, but the in game rules of Frosty may change in the future. The !army command seen on CPArmies has also been added to Frosty

Frosty’s ‘Downtown’ Room


Flippr is not a new CPPS, as they were originally created in 2014. From then until August of 2019 they had closed and reopened every so often. During the rest of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, they had remained closed. Until Flippr 2020 was opened on June 19th. The CPAH Partnership terms with Flippr are as follows:

Reminder that auto-typing on Flippr and dm recruiting from the Flippr/Flippr Army League servers are strictly prohibited. Breaking these rules could lead to the banning of your account, a temporary ban from using Flippr, or the temporary banning of your army. If you are registered with CPAH and have met the first 10+ event quota, your army uniform IDs will be forwarded to Flippr Army League to be added in game. These uniforms will be accessible by a code.

Flippr’s ‘Hidden Cloud’ Room

Blizzard Island:

Blizzard Island is a renamed version of another CPPS, Penguin Saloon, that was closed recently after receiving a DMCA from Disney. Blizzard Island was created by Snipe and DarthPalm and has been opened since June 20th, 2020. The CPAH Partnership terms with Blizzard Island are as follows:

Reminder that auto-typing on Blizzard Island is not allowed and could be met with a ban. DM Recruiting is allowed from the Blizzard Island server, but make sure to ask the user before sending them an invite to your army. Please make sure to also not advertise other CPPS’ on Blizzard Island, recruiting someone and then holding an event on another CPPS is okay, but do not directly advertise other private servers. Also, please make sure to use the Blizzard Armies server for events and battles. In the future, influential army leaders may be able to obtain special star icons on their playercard, and codes may be added for armies to use.

Blizzard Island’s ‘Skate Park’ Room

The list of CP Army Hub partners is never complete, if you are a CPPS owner and are interested in a partnership, please DM LemmeGetUhhh#8568.

Are there other CPPSes available?

Since creating a CPPS can be done virtually by anyone, there are many other CPPSes available. While having many options for where you can play on a CPPS, these may not be the safest options. When using these servers make sure to be aware of the risks that come with accessing any of the CPPS’s sites. Here are currently some of the open CPPSes available for use:

Club Penguin Rewritten,, Super Club Penguin, uberPenguin, Aventure Pingouin, Club Penguin Again, CPPSCreator, Penguin Nation, CPClient, Snowy Field, iCPv7, Grand Theft Penguin, Waddle On, and more.

How can some CPPSes be dangerous and how can you stay safe?

There are many ways a CPPS can be unsafe to use, similar to accessing anything on the internet. Accessing the CPPS’s sites risks the potential for your IP Address to be logged, and signing up with the CPPS can risk your personal information, such as name and email, to be logged and can be used in a  negative manner. Although this may be a risk, this doesn’t mean that it occurs with every CPPS that is used, many of them are safer and the ones that CPAH has deemed the safest and most trustworthy, they have partnered with.

On the other hand, if you decide to use these CPPSes regardless of the risks, there are ways to keep yourself safe. These methods should be used when accessing any CPPSes and is strongly recommended. First off, using a VPN is always recommended, this will assign a different IP Address than the one you originally have, which will protect you from getting your actual IP logged. Second, make sure to have a fake email account. This shouldn’t contain any of your personal information, such as your full name, residential address, phone number, and personal email address. Doing this will prevent your personal information from being logged when signing up with the CPPS. Doing these two steps will help keep yourself safe while using different CPPS. While using CPPSes that aren’t trustworthy isn’t recommended, it still is an option for you.

Overall, there is a lot of information in regards to CPPSes. From the history to CPAH’s partnerships to staying safe, there is a lot that was covered in this post. Make sure to go over all of the information as it is important to know as the community continues to move forward pursuing new CPPSes. We, here at the CP Army Hub, believe that it is imperative that you are staying safe while not only using CPPSes but while using the internet as a whole. Therefore, make sure you are taking our recommendations into mind.


What do YOU think? Have you tried any of these new CPPSes? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief



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