Top Ten Armies [12/6/20-12/12/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The Major Top Ten sees some armies climb up the ranks.

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1. Ice Warriors [107.26]

 2. Rebel Penguin Federation [99.4]

3. Help Force [95.9]

4. Army of Club Penguin [75.08]

 5. Doritos [71.96]

6. Water Vikings [59.5]

7. Special Weapons and Tactics [49.08] 

8. Water Ninjas [46.7]

9. Templars [45]

 10. Silver Empire [40.25]

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1. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a busy week with a total of seven events. They kicked off their week with the Christmas Chaos Quarter Finals against the Pizza Federation on Sunday in which they won with 86 troops in attendance! On Monday, the Warriors hosted a Formations Training event with Santa costumes with a max of 70. The next day, the blue army held a Divisional Practice Battle between the Polar and Blizzard divisions with 61 battling penguins. On Thursday, the Ice Warriors hosted yet another Divisional Practice Battle against the Island Invaders this time with a peak of 53 warriors. The Warriors had a busy day with two events on Friday: an AUSIA practice battle against the Dark Champions with a max of 57 and a Practice Battle against SWAT in Elf costumes with 73 troops. Finishing off their week strong, the Ice Warriors held a Massive Training event for the Christmas Chaos X tournament on Saturday with a peak of 71 penguins.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: Rebel Penguin Federation held their first events on Sunday: an AUSIA muscleman event maxing 35 and a branch battle maxing 54. On Tuesday, they maxed 48 at a rad scientist AUSIA event and 44 at a uniformed event. The Rebels maxed 61 at an umbrella event the next day. They maxed 55 and 37 at an EU and an AUSIA training respectively. Following this, they maxed 50 at a stamp event. On Saturday, they maxed 37 at another AUSIA training event and 128 at their victorious Christmas Chaos semi-finals against Help Force.

3. Help Force: The Helpers had a busy week with five events. On Sunday, the Help Force attended the Christmas Chaos Tournament, taking the win 3-0 against the Water Vikings, with a max of 65 troops. The following day, the blue army went on a stamp expedition on CPR, seeing 59 troops in attendance. On Wednesday, the army celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the Helper Exodus, which marked exactly 365 days since they joined CPA! This massive celebration saw a peak of 60 troops. On Saturday, the helpers attended two tournament battles! They first dominated with 63 troops in the Aces of AUSIA tournament against the Silver Empire. Just a couple hours later, they reached an astonishing max of 75 troops in the Semi-Finals of the Christmas Chaos Tournament against the Rebel Penguin Federation. An amazing week for the Help Force!

4. Army of Club Penguin: To kick off their week, the Army of Club Penguin maxed 40 at an AUSIA climate change protest. The same day, they maxed 40 at a winter fashion show event. The Clover Defenders maxed 39 at a practice battle against the Water Vikings, then 36 at an AUSIA costume event. They maxed 38 at a uniformed event. The Army of Club Penguin maxed 36 at a practice battle on Friday with the Silver Empire. Finally, they maxed 31 at a Mammoth event.

5. Doritos: Doritos had a short and sweet week of three events. On Monday, the Doritos held their first event of the week: a training event maxing 57. Following this, they held an AUSIA event on Super CP maxing 44. Finally, they held a practice battle with the Recon Federation, where they won and maxed 55.

6. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had a great week of four events. They maxed 50 at their Christmas Chaos Round 2 battle against the Help Force and maxed 27 at a practice battle with the Army of Club Penguin. The Vikings maxed 26 at a U-Lead event on the 10th. Finally, they held Change’s retirement event successfully, maxing 45.

7. Special Weapons and Tactics: Special Weapons and Tactics had 4 events this week. They started it off on Sunday in their Aces of Ausia tournament battle against the Silver Empire, where they maxed 15. On Tuesday, they hosted a colorful event showcasing their purple, red, and green uniforms maxing 27. The following day, SWAT hosted a last-minute training event where they hit a high of 35. To finish the week, they went up against the Ice Warriors in a practice battle and maxed 27.

8. Water Ninjas: The Water Ninjas hosted a total of 5 events this week. On Monday, the Ninjas hosted a Puffle Takeover event with their US/UK divisions, maxing 24. The following day they hosted another US/UK event, where they trained and held a sled race competition, maxing 22. On Wednesday, there was a staff-led training where the Ninjas maxed 22. The next day the Ninjas challenged the Crimson Guardians to a practice battle, where they came out on top and reached a high of 23. Their final event of the week was also their largest, with 30 penguins online at a US/UK training.

9. Templars: Templars had an eventful week which kicked off with a successful invasion of Abominable where they maxed 27. They followed this up with a Holy War victory march where they saw sizes of 24. Soon thereafter they hosted a Practice Battle with Crimson Guardians where they maxed 26. They finished their week with a successful invasion of Alaska where they peaked at 21.

10. Silver Empire: Silver Empire began their week with a victory against SWAT in their Aces of AUSIA tournament battle where they peaked at 12. They followed this up with a Training event and a Fashion Show event where they saw sizes of 16 and 13 respectively. Following this, they hosted a Christmas event where they peaked at 19. They finished their week a practice battle against Army of Club Penguin and their tournament battle against Help Force where they maxed 18 and 12 respectively.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Vice President & Top Ten Committee Manager

Top Ten Committee

Caramel, Crazzy, Scorpion Demon, Max, Koloway, Sophie, Cassie, FatChicken88, Fusion, Africa, Marissa, Sarah, Kally, Rah, Mehakk

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