Templars: Leadership Crisis?

Sleet, Army League HQ – This week we have a post on the Templars army, within their army, some major changes occurred in the Templars Leaderships due to some conflicts between Xing and two former leaders, Dagyr and Dr Flen.

Not even two weeks into 2019, and the Templars Leadership have been having conflicts within the army. On January 1st, 2019, Xing left the Templars leadership and appointed Dagyr as the next Commander of the Templars. Under the leadership of Dagyr, their first event was called “We’ll See You Again Xing” where they only maxed 7, which was not expected as the Templars maxed 21 the day before.

Templars event “We’ll See You Again Xing” under Dagyr

Xing comes back a week later to check on how the new Templars Leadership are doing, and as expected by everyone else, he was disappointed of the outcomes after he left the Templars. The day Xing got back, he had an argument with Dagyr on how to lead and how people were not coming to the events. Dagyr did not like how Xing was treating him and telling him how to lead, thinking that he wouldn’t have to listen. After the two argued it out in their DMs, Dagyr then left with some of his friends that were in Templars and created an army, called the Winged Hussars.

Dagyr saying that he betrayed Templars

After Dagyr and his friends left the Templars, Xing then appointed a CPA veteran, goes by the name of Dr Flen to lead the Templars to greater sizes. Flen promised the troops of the Templars Army that he would create a new website for the Templars and under his leadership, he will bring strategies and tactics to help them grow in size.

Dr Flen’s promises to the Templars Army

When Dr Flen started to do these changes, Flen then asked Xing for administrator so that he can edit the discord to fit himself as the head Commander of the Templars Army. Xing denied his request and Flen did not like his response, so he started editing the discord without Xing’s knowledgement of what he was doing. Xing and others in the Templars Army was angry with what Flen was doing to their discord. After a few hours of thinking what to do, Xing came back to the leadership of the Templars by couping Flen.

As you can tell, the Templars have been struggling to find a long-term leader for themselves. The new leaders seem to not like how Xing is running the Templars and have tried to change the army to a more beneficial way to lead. From the results though, it didn’t work out between Xing and the two former leaders. In conclusion, Xing has came back to the Templars Leadership with three new leaders, SleepingEon, Akayai, Brownpen4. They are now currently in war with the Dagyr’s new army, Winged Hussars and the New Viking Alliance.


What do YOU think Xing and the Templars should do about their leadership crisis? Will the Templars need Xing to get the sizes they want? Comment your opinions below!


Army League Reporter


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