Club Penguin Armies: The Game Released!

MAMMOTH, CPA: The Game Forum Server – Today I am very excited for two reasons! First, my exams finished yesterday, and therefore I got plenty of free time. Secondly, today, June 15th 2019, Club Penguin Armies: The Game officially released! Read more to learn how to join the fight and become owner of all servers!

One by one, all servers of CPATG opened today. 27 in total, 2 of which are owned by CPA administration and can’t be invaded, 15 have been given for free to 15 different armies, and 10 have been left unclaimed. Many bugs reported on the public beta have been fixed, like the stampbook crash bug and the startscreen visual glitch bug, and the new homepage and commands page has been added!

The server is using the legacy AS2 Club Penguin client, to add a more traditional look to it! Despite having all common Club Penguin features, like minigames (including card jitsu!), igloos, friendlists etc, the CPPS is different than others for its army-friendly orientation.

First of, a neat startscreen, designed by CSY:

After logging on, you come across the following server selection page:

As you can see, next to each server’s name there is a tag. The letters into the tag are the shortname of the army that owns the server, for example Frostbite is owned by WH which is the Winged Hussars army. All changes to server ownership will be updated to both the Club Penguin Armies map page and the CPATG server selection.

Inside the game there are multiple commands you can type to do cool stuff, such as the !ai command that adds you any items you want! The two I am going to show here though are the two commands that were made specifically for this server, which are the !army and the !size commands.

The !army command registers you as a member of a specific army, giving you the army’s uniform and also a cool text below your username! For example:

The !size command on the other hand shows you the amount of users of a specific army currently online, crucial to count sizes during a tough battle!

Website link is:

Also, join the CPA Discord to discuss about the server:!
Report any bugs you find to Super! (Discord: GeoTsak#9053)!


CPATG Developer

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