Summer Circuit Tournament: Sign-Up

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- As summer wages on, Club Penguin Armies is proud to present the first community tournament in our history: the Summer Circuit.


Historically, the summer tournament is always the biggest.  Club Penguin Army Central’s flagship tournament, the Legends Cup, was a single elimination tournament that involved almost every army in the community.  However, the Summer Circuit takes a new approach to maximize the peak sizes that are seen in the summer.  Instead of a single elimination bracket format, the tournament will be run through a league table.  A league table is something that is used in sports worldwide, but is commonly associated with English football (soccer).

Instead of having one singular league table, the Summer Circuit will run on two concurrent league tables, each having half of the participating armies.  Every army will face off against every other arm in their table twice.  The result of each battle will give the army points.  If an army wins a battle, they get three points.  If an army loses a battle, they get zero points.  If an army draws a battle, both armies will receive one point.  Yes, draws will be a thing throughout the group stage.  The goal is to have the most points at the end of the group stage.

After the group stage concludes, the tournament enters a single elimination bracket format.  The top two teams from each table will advance into a final four.  The best army from the first table will play the second best army from the first table, and the best army from the second table will play the second best army from the second table.  The winners of each of these battles will advance to the championship stage, where the winning army of that match will be crowned the victors of the Summer Circuit.

Judging Information/Rules:

Each battle will be hosted on either Klondike, CPATG, or Mammoth, CPATG.  If CPATG experiences difficulties, the backup location for a battle will be Ascent, CP Rewritten.

The standard battle rules apply to the tournament battles.  Three rooms across 30 minutes of action.  No multilogging, discord server raiding, or other acts of terror upon another army.

There will be at least one judge for every battle.  In the single elimination stage, there will be three judges for every battle.  We request that army leaders listen to the judge(s) when everyone is gathered in #battle-room, and to be as respectful as possible in the decisions made by judges.

The rooms will be announced by the judges.  Army leaders MUST pay attention to #battle-room for the room announcements.  The room changes will be at 10 minute intervals of each battle.  For example, if the battle starts at 3:00 PM EST, the first room will be announced at 3:00 PM EST.  The second room will be announced at 3:10 PM EST.  The final room will be announced at 3:20 EST.  Once the room is announced, armies may enter.

During the single elimination stage, DO NOT log off until a result is agreed upon by the judges.  The result may be a ruling for overtime, which would begin on judge jurisdiction.

There will be no blatant use of allies in any match throughout the tournament.  People can attend events, but pinging an entire discord server to go help out another army is strictly prohibited.

There will be no draws in the single elimination format.  Instead, if a winner cannot be decided after 30 minutes, a 10 minute overtime period will take place in a final room.  Then, a winner will be decided.  As per usual, size is the ultimate measuring bar in how an army can win a battle.  Tactics can be used if both armies are extremely close in size, or one army exhibits horrid tactics, and judging formations is seldom used in battle.

Sign-up Form:

Please comment below with a completed form.

Army name:

Army leaders:

Armies that have officially signed up will be added below:


CPA Spokesperson



12 Responses

  1. Army name: Rebel Penguin FederationArmy leaders: QueenieLiz, Ultipenguinj


  2. Army Name: CosmicArmy Leaders: PyxelPranav(head), Snipershan and Prragyaa


  3. Army Name: Red RebellionArmy Leader: Chainpro


  4. Army: Recon Federation of Club Penguin Leader: Prior Bumble


  5. Army: MopiaLeaders: Sage, Aqua, RiceCPR


  6. Army Name: Wild NinjasArmy Leaders: Kerx, LeonHG, Sandoval, Bulletboy, Zanu123, Jeremito, Eze, Wampo


  7. Army: PzfArmy Leader: R3TRO


  8. Army name: Green Street GangArmy leader(s): Dolepie47


  9. 「 ◆ Army ➜ Winged Hussars ◆ Army Leaders ➜ Wolfy, Snork, Shinzō, STV 」


  10. Army name: Elite GuardiansArmy leaders: Cookky2, Edu14463, SlowFood, Dole and Pedrox


  11. Army name: LGAArmy leader(s): Zeke


  12. Army name:MusiciansArmy leaders:Mollyart, lapis,shypayden and Diego


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