Pro Deo Et Patria – My Departure

KLONDIKE, Flen @ Doctor Mine Turtles’ Desk – When we all join a community, we look for acceptance, unity and perhaps a bonding. Without even being known to present facts, I started a journey in January of this year. A journey which was meant to bring something that no one would’ve ever seen.

March of 2017 didn’t only mark the end of a great game. It also marked the end of a greater childhood I had. We all left in 2017 with a thought of never returning. With a thought that it’s done and gone for good. With a thought that we’re all on our ways now, towards a better and a more brighter future.

January 2019 was a month worth never forgetting. I remember, I got this email from Club Penguin Army Central Staff site where someone posted that they’ll be deleting their account from WordPress and wanted to say a final goodbye. That one post brought me right back where I left.

I decided to visit and see if the community has moved on maybe? Well, it didn’t. I came across Rebel Penguin Federation. I came across Elmikey and a lot of people. You know, it was like, I was stuck once again in a never ending chain of events. Back into armies, back into grouping and of course, back into my old annoying-stuff.

Well, honestly my return to Armies was suppose to be temporary phase when I actually met the devil (metaphor in a polite way), Epicmaster100/Lamlinton. Now, he’s not the devil because he’s been bad to me or anything else. It’s just that when I met Epicmaster again, I saw he was running an army league for armies over Club Penguin Online. Now, I’ve always had this “desire” to run an army league. I offered Epic to run CPOAL with him, however, he refused.

Well, I decided to partner with someone called “Sean”, though he never existed and all this time Sean has been SuperJay. Well, I really don’t know if it’s Superjay or not. Why? He’s been able to tell me something that only he and I knew and yet he’s not at all behaving like Superjay. Coming to Jason and Jade, all this time it’s been me.

Anyhow, moving further, Sean and I decided to run an army league for all others CPPSes. This was done after Club Penguin Rewritten leagues had died. So, I along with Sean, Hexxer, Cobra and Shad ran our own “Club Penguin Army Syndicate” which Twitchy also joined in the coming days.

To be honest, that idea kind of worked out, but it still didn’t had that power over armies which was required for me to fulfil what I came back for.

I decided to leave that month after having a Major-CPO-Drama with Epic, Ayan, Riley and r0pe. 

I decided to come back in July when things would settle down and be calm. In addition to this, Greeny & Memmaw started their own news website which I worked for at the backend all this time.

Now that I returned in July, I noticed that Club Penguin Armies Website has been able to gain the power over armies which I wanted my Army League to. Well, let me be clear this “power” means the ability to influence armies.

I figured out after a little talk with Epic that it was the perfect time to do what I’ve wanted to do since I came back. However, this time I would need to take things very slow. Why? Because I need to keep both Epic and the Army leaders in my hand to be able to work towards this CP Army News site “Merger” that I’ve always wanted.

Well, I managed to bring Epic, DMT, Greeny, Memmaw, Superhero & Twitchy at an agreement for this merger. Things did go well at the backend and merged them into a group chat. We reached some terms to which both the sides agreed. Moving forward, we decided to have a group chat with leaders to finalise things.

Now, this is where things got tricky. (Perhaps my preparation were not enough) I thought that getting CPO and CPA Army Leaders into one chat would give them a chance to know each other and discuss the problems. However, it turned out to be something very opposite to what I imagined.

The leadership stretch through each other, giving birth to another debate that would never end. How? Well, I forgot that removing some toxic-elements wouldn’t do the job. That there was need to remove all toxic-elements. Who am I referring to? Xing and Blueink.

These two absolute disgraceful individuals managed to ruin my effort of six months. Well, now you’d be thinking that, “wow flen, they defeated you?”. Well, I wouldn’t say they defeated me. While I along with other CPOAL-CPA Partners managed to get people under one-roof, all this two individuals did was ruin things and that’s what they’ll be known for after today.

Well, what I am happy about is that after four failed attempts to event talk, we managed to get along with CPOAL and in addition to that, even managed to get all Leaders under on roof. What I have concluded is that this generation of CPPS-Armies will never be able to merge news sites. I am not sure about the upcoming generation, but this will not be able to do much.

Now, what is the major problem here? Life.

Life how? Many people around this community, both CPPS and CPO don’t realise that they have a life to live. Trust me, I didn’t realise it either until this merger came to an end.

What these people have ever done is ruining. They’ve turned people against people, turned plans upside down for their own joy. Well, I’ll be honest, I’ve seen life way more than these people will ever see.

We all have personal struggles and I’ve had them too. However, I was able to overcome them and actually ‘get-a-life’.

Anyhow, I’d just like to say that this community had a never ending turmoil which will go from one generation to other and will keep on going. Until there are a CPPSes, there is are CP Armies.

I’ve been reached out by many old CP Armies friend to hold another reunion. Possibly next June and I’m thinking about it. Old people, even if they were bad, they had senses which this new community lacks.

The ownership of this website (along with out backend servers) has been given to Trev/Greeny as of 20th August 

Pro Deo Et Patria (For God and Country).


CPA Site backend Manager


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