Stepping Down

Hi everyone, Super is here.

I have some sad news ahead. At least for me.

At Monday, September 30th I am stepping down from CPA Admin.

To find out more about my army past, my new role in CPA as well as the future of CPATG press read more.

First of all, if anyone wants to know about my CP related “career” before the era of CPA you can read the post I made when retiring from Smart Penguins, and therefore from joining any army ever again by clicking here. My intent after that post was to never do anything CP related ever again. Life had different plans for me though.

Some months after CP’s closure I was already using Discord heavily for gaming servers and stuff. That when I learned that CPPS army community had moved to Discord. I got in touch to some old CPA friends and I would ask them every now and then to tell me about how the community was progressing. There seemed to be very few armies left and I believed that CPA would die pretty soon. Fortunately I was wrong.

On May 2019, through the reunion server Flen made I got in touch to more old CPA fellas. It was that how I ended up in a discord server with Greeny, DMT, Epic and other people, discussing the first ever plan for a merge that at the end failed. What came out of it though was that I learned about and their need for a unified CPPS for armies. As a person who has been active in both CP Armies and CPPS development communities, I always wanted to make an army-related server. So I proposed Greeny my idea and he was very interested to see how it would turn out. After a few weeks of development Greeny decided to trust me and my server, and also make me a CPA Admin. Then came a short public beta, and then the CPPS released on June 15th, 2019. The positive reception the server got, even at a very buggy state with limited features, was better than even my most optimistic estimates!

The weeks following CPA was becoming bigger and bigger, and with it so did CPATG. It was because of many big armies joining. The first ever tournament of CPA took place in CPATG, and despite many technical difficulties experienced I believe it was overall a success. A great number of wars took place on CPATG as well, where we saw plenty of battles that were in par with the battle level seen on original army warfare. The biggest accomplishment of this community though is, in my opinion, the general positive attitude by everyone. Sure there were low points, but nothing even close the the level of toxicity of original armies. Everyone who has been a member of both communities can understand how important of an achievement that is.

But four and a half months have passed. When CPATG opened, it was the first day of my summer holidays. Today its the last. University starts tommorow, and so many obligations appear in my path, that wont allow me to continue serving as a CPA Admin. Thats why I am stepping down. Good thing is, I am not totally gone yet! And yes, CPATG isn’t going anywhere either!

From now on my role will be that of a Technician. I will make sure CPATG runs smoothly and keep fixing bugs, as well as add new armies. The bad thing is I wont have time to add new features, at least consistently :(,  but I will try to do some special stuff for Halloween and other important events. I will also try to check Discord once a day, although idk if I will be able to make it.

Thanks a lot each one of you for making those four and a half months so awesome!

For the last time,

Superhero123, CPA Admin



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