RPF Breaks Records, Holds ‘Super Saturday’ Events

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – On March 23rd, 2020, the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF) held two record-breaking events on Club Penguin Rewritten, titled “Super Saturday”.

During their AUSIA event, they broke the previous AUSIA event record which was also held by RPF, maxing 83 and averaging 80. A couple hours later at their EU event, they held the largest RPF event in history, maxing 117 and averaging 113.

To get a greater look into the “Super Saturday” events, we chose to interview current RPF Rebel Commander Ultipenguinj.


Interview with Ultipenguinj
conducted by Dino

CPAM: Why did the RPF decide to hold their Super Saturday events? What was the goal in the two events?

Ulti: We’ve been holding Super Saturday events for the past few months now, the goal of which is to max at our highest and have a massively hyped event for the troops with giveaways. This month specifically, we decided to shoot to break the all-time AUSIA record of 80, and our own size record of 104.

CPAM: Why is breaking the AUSIA and overall RPF records important to you?

Ulti: Holding a record breaking event is always exciting because of how much it means when it’s accomplished. It’s the payoff of everyone’s work with recruiting and attending culminating in a recognizable feat. Plus, it’s always hype to be able to say you broke a record.

CPAM: Who previously held the highest AUSIA record before RPF recently broke it?

Ulti: It was also RPF, actually. The record was held by RPF Icon TheNightma3e whose AUSIA maxed 80+ in June of 2018.

CPAM: Will RPF aim to break the records of Boomer20’s 175 in the near future?

Ulti: I’m not gonna lie, that sounds pretty awesome. We’re gonna keep grinding, and keep our eyes towards bigger goals. We’ll see what comes with that :eyes:

CPAM: Anything else you’d like to mention?

Ulti: Thanks for the interview, fight the good fight!


That wraps up our coverage of RPF‘s Super Saturday. What do YOU think about it? Let us know in the replies section!


CPAM Reporter Trainee


CPAM Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Impressive,i wonder if armies are going to react.


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