An Overview on the RFCP Conflict with PIC/LGA

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters –  RFCP caused a lot of chatter in the community as of late and it all started with their raids on PIC and LGA. These raids began a couple of weeks ago. What was the outcome? 

RFCP raided PIC and LGA over personal reasons. They claimed that LGA mocked their leader, Prior Bumble, with various rude remarks. Their reasons for raiding PIC were due to some of their army members that made various vulgar attacks and doxing threats. RFCP demanded apologies for these actions and the surrender of both PIC’s and LGA’s capitals to RFCP in collateral. The posts regarding these demands and leaks of LGA and PIC actions are now removed from RFCP’s website.

True to their word, RFCP performed continuous raids on PIC and LGA during their events, including recruiting sessions. Things would eventually culminate with the introduction of the league and server map portion in CPAM where RFCP would schedule invasions on both LGA’s and PIC’s capitals. 

RFCP started their war campaign against PIC on May 11th when they invaded PIC’s capital Beanie. PIC fought with great effort but in the end RFCP squeezed out a 2-1 victory, resulting in them obtaining the server. RFCP would then set their eyes on Great White, LGA’s capital. LGA had a trick up their sleeve and transferred their server to RPF to defend that very night. Despite a valiant push, RFCP was no match for RPF combined with their allies, PIC and LGA, and so they successfully defended Great White for LGA. RFCP scheduled two further invasions on PIC after the successful conquest of Beanie which then resulted in PIC transferring those two servers to RPF for protection and RFCP canceling these invasions in disgust.

Peace talks began when RFCP released a post exposing various members of PIC using vulgar remarks and threatening to dox various RFCP members. This did not bode well with PIC who were very disappointed in their members that made these comments and threats. PIC released an apologetic post, explaining their sorrow to the community and dismissing the members responsible. Unfortunately, RFCP’s post is no longer available regarding the conflict, however, you can view PIC’s apology post.

Peace talks between RFCP and PIC were on the same day RFCP released their exposé and PIC’s subsequent apology post. RFCP and PIC negotiated for a few hours before coming to a conclusion on the manner. PIC caved to RFCP’s demands after the continuous raids and defeat at Beanie. They agreed to surrender the server RFCP demanded, apologize for the atrocities committed by various former PIC members, and admit defeat in the campaign. The PIC Leaders and HCOM signed a Rock of Contrition. The surrender post can be viewed on PIC’s website, and see the Rock of Contrition below. 


Now that the conflict with PIC was complete, RFCP vowed to continue their raids and campaign against LGA unless they also issued an apology and surrendered the server, Great White, to RFCP. Both armies began negotiations on the situation, and it looked like progress was being made; however, talks ended when RFCP backed out of the CPAM League and isolated itself from the community. This ended the campaign against LGA. 

What do YOU think? Did LGA get lucky? What is RFCP’s legacy? Let us know in the comment section below. 


CP Army Media Associate Producer




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