The Pirates Last Ahoy; Unoffical Merge Into Ice Warriors & Dark Warriors

MIGRATOR, Pirates Empire – In these unprecedented times for the community, have the Pirates decided it is time to end their legacy and shutdown or is it a way to try and clear their name?

In the midst of controversy, Pirates of CP leader Epic101 announced that they would no longer be using the CPATG private server as a means of hosting events after “being falsely accused of multi-logging” (click here to read) Epic also stated that the army will be using other CPPS’, including their own, to conduct their events.

After previously operating on CPO and participating in the CPOAL, the Pirates, along with many other armies, had to change over to CPR and CPATG to continue their events. The move to CPR didn’t seem to have that much of an effect on the Pirates as they retained their troop numbers and even made it to the number one spot of the CPAL’s Top Ten Armies list.

But being isolated from the rest of the community took its toll, and the leadership announced a final farewell event. This took place on June 14th on their own CPPS. They reached peak sizes of 50 throughout, performing an array of ‘farewell’ word tactics.

Leader Epic101 stated the following in a website post entitled, “The End”:

The Club Penguin Pirates Army is officially closing its doors, for now. Today is a sad day, however, it was inevitable. I did not want the Pirates to run on any CPPS after Club Penguin Online’s closure but due to the overwhelming amount of people that didn’t want to let it close, we continued on and did our best in the Cup before being kicked out by fake & false allegations from haters who have disliked us for many years, there was not much that we could do, however, we would have won the tournament, we all know this.

Following their closure, an unofficial merge took place. They encouraged all members to join either the Ice Warriors of Dark Warriors, both of which they value as close allies. We were unable to reach the Pirates for a statement, but many of former Pirates were present at the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors recent Legend Cup X battles, both of which they won. 

CP Army Media contacted the leaderships of these two armies, who stated the following on the unofficial merge:

Ben, Ice Warriors Leader:

Some came but not an influx. Dark Warriors got more Pirates. We got a decent amount. I know who the staff were that came, but not the members.

Rishchamp45, Dark Warriors Second-in-Command:

Pirates joining DW was an amazing experience. Many of us bonded right away since we have been allies before. A lot of pirates have been in our chatroom for a long time as well which also helped unify both communities. Our maxes and spirit rose as pirates came in and we are on our way to the semi finals with confidence of winning against HF! I think DW definitely has the potential to claim the number 1 spot. Ice Warriors our allies have been doing exceedingly well these past few weeks and have been noticed throughout all CP platforms. But DW is on the rise and we are motivated to reach for boundless heights. Our leadership has the best confidence and they know what will be better for DW. And this was the same leadership that took us to the number 1 spot in universal top ten. I am excited for what is coming to DW.

How will the Pirates closure and unofficial merge affect the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors? Could the Pirates be back in the future, or has that ship sailed? CP Army Media will continue to monitor the situation.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Reporter


CP Army Media Vice President


2 Responses

  1. Yes false allegations obviously. Proof of having the same IP’s means nothing. They obviously didnt cheat


    • There was evidence supporting the fact that those accounts were logged in simultaneously. Read the expose m8


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