How They Began: Iceyfeet1234 and the Ice Warriors

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters ‘How They Began’ is a weekly segment here at the Army Hub. We will be putting one army under the microscope, looking at their foundations, and interviewing their creator. The first edition will take a look at the Ice Warriors after we caught up with leader and creator, Iceyfeet1234.

The Ice Warriors were first created on June 1st, 2007, since then they have gone on to leading World War 4, the Legends Cup 2, 3 and 5, achieving never seen before sizes and have become one of the most successful armies in CPA history.

Ice Warriors Legends Cup V trophy

The Legends Cup V trophy: IW vs. Nachos

Despite the success of Ice Warriors as an army, they have had many failures, failing to meet expectations many times. However, they remain one of the most successful CP armies.

The Golden Age

The Golden Age was where armies were truly were at their highest point. During the golden age, armies like Ice Warriors were maxing 75+ easily each event. In 2010’s Legends Cup I, the Ice Warriors reached the finals and they were up against Nachos. Ice Warriors’ sizes were overwhelming in the finals of this tournament with 80+ penguins online. Nachos, on the other hand, only managed to bring 35-40 penguins. Despite this, the hosts of the tournament, Club Penguin Army Central, decided that Nachos won the tournament. This was one of the most controversial topics in CPA history as many believed IW was robbed of the cup. (Read more here). This was one of the factors that caused their sizes to deplete after the cup.

IW during the ‘Legends Cup V’ against Nachos,

The Dark Ages

2012 was a dark age for Ice Warriors, their sizes dramatically decreased and they were no longer reaching the Top Ten. Iceyfeet learned of this and quickly rose to the occasion. Within 2 weeks, IW was getting sizes of 25-40. Iceyfeet1234 suddenly retired but this wasn’t the end of Ice Warriors as leadership was given to Albert417 (IW’s second leader). During the next few years, IW would only grow and overcome many leadership changes. However, they continued to fall which led to Icey returning to save his creation from crumbling.

In 2016, Iceyfeet1234 decided to hire the ‘Drew Crew’ which consisted of Andrew24, Spy, and Final Chaser. The arrival of the Drew Crew caused many internal problems leading to the removal of KingFunks4. But this wasn’t the end for KingFunks4, as he joined the Water Vikings. After he joined the Water Vikings, they then decided to declared war on IW. After many events and 2 wars between the WV and IW, neither army was declared victorious. This led to both armies unfortunately closing in late 2016.

Ice Warriors were falling and only managed to get 10 penguins.

The Return of Ice Warriors And Iceyfeet1234

Earlier this year, Ice Warriors made a triumphant return to CPA. They began as a CPO army, maxing 80+. However, the closure of CPO impacted the army community massively, leading to many armies decreasing in size. Also, this left them without a way to recruit. This also affected IW as their sizes decreased but when it came to the Legends Cup, they held nothing back and were able to max an incredible 120+ (Read the results here). Under the current IW leadership, they continue to strive. While they did not win the Legends Cup, they did not let this affect them. They continue to max incredible sizes in their events. These sizes have decreased from their previous size of 120+, however, they are still able to garner a lot of support.

The CP Army Hub was able to speak exclusively with the creator of the Ice Warriors, Iceyfeet1234, to learn more about himself and the army!

 What made you create IW and how did you do it?

Basically, I would watch other armies battle it out at the dojo on mammoth and it motivated me to create an army of my own. It took a bit of time to get everything set up, it took a majority of 2007 to get a good foothold in the community. Then, throughout 2008, we started to pick up even more steam. I would say my inspiration was the battles that took place on mammoth (mostly at the dojo). I wanted to be apart of them and join in on all of the fun that was taking place.

Did you expect Ice Warriors to be this successful?

Not at all, we’ve definitely created a legacy over the years. When I first started the army, it was definitely a struggle to get on our feet. Thankfully, the dedication and motivation of the first Ice Warriors helped pave the wave for the army to become what it is today

While Ice Warriors are a massive part of the community, they have had many failures, going through many ‘dark ages’. For example during 2012 when they went down to maxing 12-15. Why do you think this happened and how did you get through this?

I think it happens to all armies at some point, they all have some type of downfall and it took a lot of recruiting and teamwork to get the army back on its feet to where it is today.

You have been one of the most influential people in the community as you have lead IW to be what it is today. How would you compare yourself now from back in 2007 and what goals did you/ do you still have?

I was definitely a big nooby back in the day. I would say my original goals were to lead IW into a major army, which was definitely accomplished during my time as a leader (although it wasn’t an easy task!) My 2020 goals would be to continue to support IW when necessary, and to also give back to the community – and by that I want everyone to have fun while we are all still around. We never know if/when the CPPS’ we use will shut down, which is why we need to make the most of what we have right now

You are known for leading IW but who is IceyFeet1234 behind the titles?

I’d say overtime I worked my way up to become a CP Army legend and a relevant figure in the army community. It took a lot of dedication and work to get this far, and I owe it all to my troops and friends that I have met along the way. Outside of the community I’d say I’m just like everyone else, trying to live their best life and having fun along the way


That’s an inside view of Ice Warriors and more importantly, Iceyfeet1234. While IW has had their failures, they keep coming back and are exceeding expectations every time. Recently, IW faced off in a PB against HF in which they were victorious. Iceyfeet continues to lead IW over a decade after its creation and is hopeful for the future.

What do YOU think? Will IW keep on exceeding expectations or will their efforts end in failure? Let us know in the comment section below!

Stay tuned for next week as we look into how Ambrosha and DW began.

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