CPAH Special Report: Caught Orange Handed? A Look Into The Doritos’ Recent Exploitation of Events

SUMMIT, Former Doritos Capital, Ruins of War – It would appear the Doritos have been claiming single events as multiple ones in an attempt to exploit Top Ten points and thereby gain a higher position in the weekly listing. While this is incredibly immoral, and regarded as “cheating” by many in the community, is it illegal? 

The past week was a dark time for the Doritos as the New Dawn Alliance disbanded, the Black Ice Alliance imposed mass invasions, the orange army finally withdrew from the Club Penguin Army Hub league, and multiple leaders made their departure. Still, the controversy and drama surrounding them does not end here. 

July 18th witnessed the first of two clandestine events. In a single website post, Doritos Second-In-Command, Zamb, detailed the event results of “three” events: a mining event, a pizza event, and a naked takeover. Each of these “events” were held on the same server with a uniform and room change occurring every ten minutes. These three events were then posted by the Doritos leadership in the Army Hub’s #event-results channel as exactly that: three separate events to be counted towards the Top Ten. 

However, as the Doritos listed the three events on one website post, the CP Army Hub administration was able to pick up on their attempts to gain more Top Ten points easily. A short investigation was conducted, and the decision was made to count these three events as just one in the calculations. 

The second and most recent misdemeanour occurred yesterday, July 20th, as the Doritos held another “three” events: – another mining event, a maracas event, and another naked takeover. Again, each of these “events” lasted ten minutes on the same server, divided by room and outfit changes. 

This time, however, the Doritos leadership published three different event results posts on their website, alongside the submission of three different events in the #event-results channel. Was this an attempt to bypass the administration who disregarded the July 18th exploitation in the Top Ten? 

While past community opinion would echo that this is highly immoral, this situation poses the question: is this actually illicit? Historically, the precedent stands that a single event is 30 minutes in length. Does this still stand in this modern age? Having said that, this argument would be stronger if Doritos changed servers for each “event,” but instead they simply moved rooms on the same populated server. Whatever your stance on this, there are currently no rules or criteria that define what an event is to prevent exploitations such as this. This is an issue which must be addressed going forward. 

We made contact with Doritos’ leader Rah about this situation, and she provided the following statement.  

After looking around in the league, we outlined some things revolving the TT. DCP usually averages more in size then some armies, and we feel its unfair that they’re able to host as many rogue events and be ranked higher on the TT (All respect to them). We asked a fellow CEO here at CPAH at what defines as event. We were told that as long as people are in uniform and doing tactics, it’d count as an event. There’s no specific amount of time of how long an event needs to be for as well.

We also spoke with Doritos second-in-command and Army Hub administrator Zamb, who said the following: 

Since the Doritos’ have announced their “isolation”, or leaving the league due to the toxicity and other issues revolving around it, DCP has used the three event exploitation for about two days, turning a normal 30 minute event into 3 10-minute ones under the assumption that because an event is penguins in a uniform doing tactics, a uniform change creates an all-different one. Although it isn’t my idea, I’ve played an involvement by doing the posts on the site, as well as arguing in favor of the events because although I agree it’s a scummy thing to do that is easily abused, it still counts as an event. Despite being a Doritos’ troops, I’m against the event exploitations because it makes our statement on leaving the league hypocritical. We may not be involved in the league or server conquest, but it creates a toxic environment for the other armies. Doritos are been seen again as an army who’d do anything for the top spot, which as a Doritos’ higher command who’s set on working for leader, it’s not a great display for my army.

These sordid events made one thing clear. New rules need to be made clarifying event criteria to prevent this exploitation happening in the future. The CP Army Hub administration will be holding an army representative meeting soon and this will be one of the topics addressed. The three Doritos events that took place on July 20th will be counted as just one event. As ever, we here at the Army Hub would like to conclude by encouraging all armies to establish and follow an ethical approach while operating in the community. 

What do YOU think? Do you think the Doritos event exploitation was immoral or illicit? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below. 


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


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