Top Ten Armies [7/19/20-7/25/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — Another action-packed week for the community witnesses some major changes in the rankings.

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation [111.70]

 2. Army of Club Penguin [90.11]

 3. Ice Warriors [77.50]

 4. Doritos of Club Penguin [73.25]

 5. Water Vikings [62.20]

6. Help Force [60.33]

 7. Dark Warriors [55.00]

 8. Army of Orient Seas [50.88]

  9. Pizza Federation [45]

10. Lime Green Army [44.16]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had an eventful week with a total of 9 events. They started with an AUSIA event called Operation: Unshackled where they saw sizes of 49. Other week events consisted of an Operation Color Conflict, Operation: Maleficent and an Operation: I See You in which they maxed 62, 62, and 66. They peaked at the sizes of 90 by conducting an Operation: Simple Jesters. The week continued with an Operation: Uprising, Operation: Hooked and Operation Crimson Guardians where they maxed 66, 66, and 67 respectively. They ended their week with an Operation called Eye Of The Tiger for the AUSIA troops in which 53 rebels came online.

2. Army of Club PenguinACP began their week on Sunday with an AUSIA Shamrock Squackdown event, maxing 52. For their UK event that day, they held an event for Koloway’s Retirement, and maxed 32. On Tuesday, they held a Rock N’ Roll AUSIA event, where they maxed 41. The same day, they held a US Miner event, where they maxed 40. On Wednesday, they held a UK Stamp event, and maxed 50. On Thursday, they held an event for Kingfunks4 and Buddy’s retirement, and maxed 73. On Friday, they held a UK Alpha vs Echo battle with the Crimson Guardians, maxing 37. For their final events of the week, they celebrated Funky’s birthday at an AUSIA event, where they maxed 37. Their final event was a UK Medieval Takeover, maxing 58.

3. Ice WarriorsHolding only 2 events, the Ice Warriors began with their invasion of Sled with a max of 67 and their second event being the Sub Divisions Tournament next maxing 55.

4. DoritosThe Doritos had quite an interesting week. They first held a retirement event to witness the departure of Doritos legend, Meerrkat, maxing 31 troops. They then held a Mining Takeover, peaking at 61 troops. Following after, the army had a Duck Takeover/Card Jitsu tournament maxing 50. They then ended the week with a surprise event maxing 81 troops.

5. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings started off their busy week on Monday with a UK Coffee Takeover where they brought a max of 40. On Wednesday, they had a Practice Battle with the Army of Orient Seas, where they unfortunately had lost but maxed 23. The following day, they held a UK/US Retirement Event for Buddy and Kingfunks4 in which they maxed 75. On Friday, WV held a UK Dragon Takeover, which brought a max of 32. For their final event of the week, they held a UK/US Blacksmith Takeover, where they maxed 42!

6. Help ForceHelp Force started off their week with an AUSIA event where they achieved an impressive size of 40. They went on to have a US Life Jacket takeover, achieving sizes of 41. Their third event of the week was an EU event where they managed to max 40. Their last 2 events of the week were a Tuba Takeover maxing 42 and a US operation where they maxed 20.

7. Dark WarriorsThe Dark Warriors were hit with the resignation of a leader, Megan. During the week, they only had an AUSIA Retirement Event which maxed 40 and a midweek Stamp Event that also maxed 40.

8. Army of the Orient SeasArmy of the Orient Seas had an event for almost every day this week. Their first being a Rogue Event where they were able to max 23. AOS’s next event was an EU Practice with 19 logged on. Two days later, they had a successful practice battle against the Water Vikings and won with 24 troops. The next day, AOS practice battled with the Army of CP’s Training Regiment with a max of 14. Later they operated an AUSIA training with just 17 logged on. To finish their week, Beach Brawl saw their highest max of the week and their largest win, standing at a 25 max and a win of all three rounds.

9. Pizza Federation: The Pizza Federation had an exciting week with a total of 4 events. They kick-started their week with a win in the Beach Brawl tournament in which they peaked 13 chefs. This week’s other events consisted of a Training Event and a Sled Racing Tournament in which they maxed 12 and 11, a defense in which they maxed 13, and a Beach Brawl battle against the Marines in which they maxed 20. They ended their fun week with a friendly battle between Golden Troops in which 15 chefs came online.

10. Lime Green ArmyWith 7 events in total, LGA kicked off this week with their first Beach Brawl battle against the Golden Troops where they maxed 19. Following this, they held an EU recruiting session maxing 14. They soon held a tactic training reaching a size of 14. They battled armies in the S/M Army Alliance in their next event with a max of 13. They played in a mancala tournament for their next event reaching 13 penguins online. They then faced off the Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment with 13 people online. Their final event was the Beach Brawl battle against the Army of the Orients Seas where they achieved a max of 21.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think about this week’s Top Ten in the comments below!


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  1. Glad to see AOS moving up, keep it up! 😀


  2. Fear the wave


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