The Small-Medium Army Union: Who Are They?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – A displeased small-medium community have united as a direct response to certain “tyrannical” major armies, in the form of a Small-Medium Army Union. What exactly is its purpose?

Over the last few weeks, current and former members of the Pizza Federation HCOM have been brainstorming an idea of how to take a stand against large armies who seemly pick their fights with armies smaller than them to guarantee a victory, or multiple if they so choose. Last Saturday, on July 25th, Hidcre, PZF leader officially created the Small-Medium Armies Union for the purpose of uniting small and medium armies within the community to stand together against larger armies.

The CP Army Hub got a chance to speak with the Union’s creator, Hidcre, to gain more insight into the reason behind this newly formed group. The CP Army Hub’s first question to Hidcre was regarding the overall purpose of the Union:

The purpose of the Small-Medium Armies Union is to gather all the small/medium armies together against the tyranny of major armies, making sure to benefit all the parties that choose to join.

But what about the Small-Medium Army Alliance? While this newly formed Union bares many similarities to the Alliance, the CP Army Hub asked Hidcre about the possible confusion, she responded:

We consider this a recreation, however seeing as the Lime Green Army, and Water Troops left and looking at the treaties channel of CP Army Hub Discord, it looked like the terms were a bit harsh saying as you could have no allies and such, we wanted to recreate Alliance but where armies feel comfortable and less “pressured”. If any army has any problems, we want to sort it out in DM’s so that the troubled party can stay and all can work out well!

From this, it seems that the Union appears to promote the idea of “independence amongst allies”, with one of their terms even confirming this: “You must be allied with every army in this Union. However, you may have allies outside this Union”. A screenshot of Hidcre inducting Golden Troops leader, TheMightyA, showcases all terms upon joining the Union.

Hidcre inducting GT into the Union.

Controversy surrounding the Alliance and their “disorganisation”, as put by LGA in their website post, made the news after the Greens cut ties with the Allegiance.

CP Army Hub was eager to find out what the Union is hoping to achieve.

There really isn’t any goal other than making sure every army in this union benefits from this, growing their army, whatever they want- just making sure that they feel that they have the chance to make it into the major league, while staying safe from the invasions any major army tries to put against them.

Hidcre reassures any potential inductees who are wishing to grow that they would be safe against any potential large army threat while being able to protect their allies against any large threats they’re faced with.

Continuing, the Army Hub was curious to find out the Union’s response to a challenge from a larger army:

We’d try our best to fight it out. Sure, they could be maxing 100+, but the goal isn’t to win, it’s to show we won’t back down no matter how large the size, we want other armies to see we aren’t afraid to back down even if it means losing a server.

Further promoting their united image, Hidcre made it clear the goal of a defense or attack isn’t to win as it is expected that a larger army will have more troops present, but if a Union can provide a similar number while showing off their alliance, the Union’s alliance will be shown.

Finally, the CP Army Hub wanted to know whether the Union will bring a positive change to the small-medium army community:

Hopefully it will, even if it doesn’t I’m sure me and my HCOM will try to ensure that it happens.

Hidcre is adamant that the Union exists to create a safe space for these armies and the Council of Leaders will try their best to ensure the future of the community is strong and positive.

With this new addition to the community, will the Union change the face of armies as we know it? Or will it cause more conflict that it aims to stop?

What do YOU think about the Union? What is your prediction for the future? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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